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The Christmas Recap

Whoosh! That's the sound Christmas made as it went hurtling by. One minute it was December 23rd, then it was my husband pushing me out the door to hurry up and get to my mom's house for Christmas Eve. The man couldn't sit still. He didn't want to watch soap operas (who does?), he didn't want to wait for the dog and me to dry our hair, he wanted the gifts loaded, stuff in the truck, let's go, let's go, let's go.

Men, amiright?

And then he had to replace the piece of cardboard in front of the radiator while me and PeeWee sat in the truck freezing our bums off. Sheesh.

We had a to make a couple of stops--one for snacks and one for gas, but we arrived well ahead of scheduled time. I called Mom when we were about 15 minutes away and she'd just gotten out of the shower. Then while we were packing stuff in, my husband gave my brother his present of cow feed and I didn't even get to put the bow on it!

We snacked and talked and ordered dinner from Pizza Hut, watched Elf on TV, and lamented over poor Twinki, my brother's dog who died last week. PeeWee cried when my brother ate a hotdog in front of him and Mom gave him half of another hotdog. No, he's not spoiled at all.

Then Santa Claus came! Actually, he'd already dropped our gifts off and they were sorted while I fixed sugar cookies with bright green frosting (it was on sale--99 cents, bargain!). They were good cookies.

So Mom handed out presents and I got a nice heavy one. I pulled it out of the bag and it's a brown shipping box, which tells you nothing. The use of a pocket knife was required to free said gift from its trappings. I folded the flaps back and the top of the next box said Asus Transformer Book. Which is a tablet and computer in one, y'all. I think my eyeballs almost popped out and my jaw dropped. It was such a fantastic gift! I felt bad for just getting her perfume and a necklace with The Convict and the Cattleman cover on it.

I wrote so many words on my last laptop, they can't even be counted. I can't wait to start January fresh with a new computer and another novel. My mom is the best! I was joking with her in November that I wanted a 2-in-1 and she said, "Dream on." I was almost afraid to pull it out of the box because I thought surely it was a joke.

Needless to say, it's covered in fingerprints and has been since I opened it. I didn't go to bed until after midnight because I was downloading my favorite programs to it.

We had breakfast Christmas morning. I made biscuits. By, um, opening the Pillsbury sack and sticking them on tinfoil, then just sitting back while everyone else cooked. In previous years I've done scrambled eggs or bacon. I like biscuits better. I'm going to try and wrangle that job again next year. We had a dirty Santa swap after and I got an LED lantern that I can totally use on my book table at the author day at the Kimberling Area Library in February. Or if the power goes out (cross your fingers that it doesn't).

We zipped southward to my husband's parents' house and arrived just in time for supper by happy accident, because he didn't call ahead and tell them we were coming. We dropped Petey-wetey doodle-brain off at home first, because he was tired. I was tired too, but no one offered to let me stay home.

Then we made a trip back near home to stop in at my aunt and uncle's to snack and watch my cousin's son open his huge haul of gifts. It was hilarious watching him try out his skates. He was so freaked out because they were "slippery" on the hardwood floor.

By the time 8 pm rolled around, I was knackered. I went home and tried working on some edits for Wildwood Spring and got a little bit done, but I still have a few things left to do. I was asked to have them in today, but I'm gonna need an extension. Crossing my fingers for Monday.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as me and my family did! Happy Friday!