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The Friday Five - I'm Glad I Took Part in Camp NaNoWriMo

Play some trumpets, fetch my crown, toss some confetti, bring me cake! No, I mean it. Bring me cake. Now!

At 12:18 CST this morning I crossed the 40k line on The Heckmasters - Wystan. That was my goal for Camp NaNoWriMo, even though I didn't start out writing that MS. I got waylaid by the Heckmaster brothers, damn their beautiful hides.

But I'm so glad I did. Let's discuss why camp worked for me in April on today's TFF.

1) I've been thinking about this series since last summer while I was writing The Turncoat's Temptress. Obviously last June during camp, I was eyeballs deep in that novel and didn't have time for this one. Bound and determined to finish up the L&L series before starting a new one, I put The Heckmasters on the back burner. As you know, I was 24k into another book on L&L when I said some not so pretty words because Wystan hijacked my brain and I started writing his book instead. Reason #2 is why.

2) Camp was different this year. We got…

Book Feature - Vampire King Trilogy by Kenya Wright

Escape (Vampire King Trilogy, Book 1)

by Kenya Wright
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Heat Level: Steamy
Word Count: 125 pages

Buy Links

Secret Cravings:


A domina’s only purpose in life was to birth vampire children for the Quiet King. Any human woman with the domina gene spent their lives in the castle under strict rules and the guards’ watchful eyes. Brie has been a domina for two years. After witnessing the slaughter of babies, she plans to escape and seeks help from Samuel, a vampire known for aiding many out of slavery.

However, Samuel has only one policy. He won’t help dominas escape the king. The penalty is too high and their blood triggers powers in him that he doesn’t want released. So Brie…

Camp NaNo Updates

This is the final full week of Camp NaNoWriMo. It's coming down to the wire. It seems impossible that I'm only at 28,500 words and my goal is 40k. If I maintain a schedule of 1333 words per day, I should be finished with this book by the middle of next month.

My historical romance, not coming along as smoothly, but I pushed over the 12k mark yesterday. I have my fingers crossed that it will be easier now that the beginning is done and the character's big issues are clear. I just have to make the hero a man the heroine will come to love. He's easy, he's been in love with her for a long time.

I've been lucky this month. Most of the words for The Heckmasters have flowed pretty easily. Sometimes I sit there before opening the doc up and go, ugh, I don't want to! But then I force myself and before I know it, the required words are done for the day. I haven't been good about going over my count. I haven't been keeping any sort of required daily word count…

Book Feature - Siren Snow (Redhaven Saga #1)

Siren Snow (Redhaven Saga #1)
by Victoria Barrow
New Adult Contemporary Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Categories: Action/Adventure, Interracial/Multicultural
Publisher: Self-Published/Indie
Heat Level: Sweet
Word Count: 80,000

Buy Link

Winter is not exactly the ‘season of the witch’. It’s cold in Washington, and everything is covered in snow. But it doesn’t bother Lucilla Sinclair, the fiery Witch-Warden for Washington State. She’s perfectly happy performing minor enchantments at her little arcane shop in Redhaven, an old fishing town turned tourist attraction. Besides, her tall, dark- skinned elemental guardian Mishal keeps her warm at night. Her raven familiar, Irwin, helps her to pass the time in the otherwise sleepy town.

Magickal mischief in the cold, quiet state is slow for the most part, but when a freak winter storm lands a half-transformed Siren on her front porch, Lucy’s life becomes increasingly strange. Her …

Reasons Why You, You and Yes, You Should Enter The 2013 Weta Nichols Writing Contest

It's that time again. Time for a bad picture of me holding an award while I talk you into entering a writing contest. I know how you all live for this moment.

Here's the skinny in a not-so-skinny version.

Contest is open APRIL 15-JULY 15, 2013 to all entries!

Winners will be announced at our 2013 Annual Conference, scheduled to be held September 21, 2013, in Springfield, Missouri. Winners are not required to be present to win. Winners who are not in attendance will be notified via email, and prizes will be mailed promptly. We will also post the winners’ names, titles, city, and state, on our website.

Please read guidelines carefully and fill out the electronic entry form at the bottom of this page when submitting.


* Complete the entry form at the bottom of this page.

* Pay the entry fee through the PayPal account (details below).

* The subject line of your email submission must state: WETA ENTRY

* Short stories, memoirs, essays, poetry, or non-fiction will be…

Wandering Weekend

My stars and garters! What a gorgeous weekend. Naturally, it's cloudy and there's a slight chill in the air today. Eh, who cares? It's Monday and I'm stuck indoors. But here are some photos from my weekend. Stuff I Found While Driving Around.

Ugh, I can't wait for some leaves on the trees. Everything's all dead-looking. But it was hard to complain with the sun shining and a nice breeze blowing. And it was great to see some different conservation areas. Okay, back to work. *cracks whip*

Historical Research Hijacked The Friday Five--Not My Fault

I fully intended to hand The Friday Five off to Basil this week, but we started arguing about whether he was confident or arrogant and then I decided to ignore him until he could admit that I'm right. You can totally read The Turncoat's Temptress and decide which of us is right. Your opinions are welcome.

As you know, I'm in that death race called Camp NaNoWriMo for the second week. Second week is, does, has, and always will suck. Second week is my enemy, but never fear I shall prevail (probably). Along side the novel I'm cobbling together at camp, I'm working on a historical romance. I haven't set a year for it yet, but it's post-Civil War. Last night while I was trying to figure out whether people in the old days ate cucumbers (they had to to make pickles, right?), I decided to set it in Greene County, Missouri.

What? Well, as you also know, I'm a huge honking fan of hiking at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield. Okay, so I let my membership expir…

Book Feature - Night Stars and Mourning Doves by Margo Hoornstra

Night Stars and Mourning DovesFREE Exclusively on Amazon April 9 thru 13, 2013!

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: February 22, 2013

 Elyse Monroe may be her sister's maid of honor, but that doesn't mean she has to follow the bride's example and fall in love. Battle-scarred and weary from previous relationships, she has no desire to take a chance on another--no matter how many hints her little sister drops about the best man.

Devastating life events have taken a toll on Eric Matthews. After losing his wife and unborn daughter, he's come home to heal. Serving as best man at his kid brother's wedding is the only relationship he cares to contemplate--no matter how attractive the maid of honor.

Thrown together again and again by wedding duties, Elyse and Eric reluctantly agree to explore a possible relationship--only to have their casual date turn into a glorious night of passion. Can two hearts, convinced a happily ever after will never happen, rec…

A Snippet, A Snoppet... Okay, That's Not a Word

So everybody's freaking out about Legends & Lovers coming to an end. (By everybody, I mean mostly me, although there have been concerned questions. Thanks, concerned questioners.)

What's up my sleeve? Well, clearly I'm not out of the writer's pond. I'm still hip-deep in Camp Nano, staying afloat although I'm trying to tread water a little harder now. Today's goal will push me over the 10k mark. The first couple of days I was ahead, but this weekend bogged me down. You know, I had writer's group all day Saturday and yesterday we played a riveting game of mini-golf. Sadly, I lost, but only by 3 par and I finished ahead of par, which was 64 but I got a 52 or something. Easily one of my better games. Usually I get mad and swear a lot and parents cover their children's ears while glowering at me.

So it was kind of late when I got back to writing last night. I'll admit, I barely got anything done Saturday. I made my husband take me to see Warm Bod…

The Friday Five - I Have My Reasons

I'm a big girl and everyday I make big girl choices. Like what flavor of Greek yogurt to eat for breakfast. Unless I forget and then it's more like brunch yogurt and slightly warm because I never put it in the work refrigerator. I eat it anyway because I read that women who eat Greek yogurt lose more weight than women who don't. Think about it.

Tuesday night I made a big girl choice. I'm supposed to be deep in the throes of Camp NaNo right now, busting my fingers to the bone on book 5 of the L&L series. The bad news is, there's not going to be a fifth book in the series. No, Virginia, there's no Santa Claus. No late April Fool's jokes either.

It wasn't a spur of the moment decision. It's actually weighed on my mind pretty heavily since I finished SS. I did start writing the beginning of the 5th book before I finished SS, but deep in my heart, I think I realized something wasn't quite right.

Your TFF today is brought to you by the reasons wh…

Book Feature - Once (A Gypsy Fairy Tale) by Dana Michelle Burnett

Beautiful.  Secretive. Magical.  You envy their freedom, but you are distrustful of their ways.  A strange carnival has come to Corydon, Indiana and the Irish Travellers have captured the small town's attention--but it's Harmony who's attracted theirs.

Harmony sees the travellers everywhere and just like everyone else in town she's curious.  But once she meets the mysterious and captivating Kieran, Harmony's life takes an exciting and chilling turn.

Up until now, Harmony never believed that fairy tales or myths were real, but Kieran and his family belong to an ancient tribe called the Tuatha de Danann and someone else has discovered their secret.

An ancient battle is about to begin again, and now no one is safe, especially Harmony.  Can Kieran resist the urge to be with her or will his feelings put her in the crossfire?


The bumpy dirt road leading out to old man Macready’s farm was dark, but still I turned off my truck’s headlights and slowed down to a craw…

I Wish I Could Decide to be Decisive

I have the feeling I should be editing, not writing. It's the 1st of April, as you can plainly see from your calendars. That means it's also Day 1 of Camp NaNoWriMo. I spent yesterday evening re-reading what I've already written on The Crusader's Maiden. Then beating myself up mentally for writing a five book series. My inner historical romance writer is screaming at me, You'd be done with that now if you hadn't decided on five. You could write a historical romance.

She's kind of a cow.

I have to forgive her, because she has an idea and like all ideas, it wants to burst into fruition. Immediately. And I, of course, don't have immediate time to give it.

My argument is this: If I scrapped The Siren's Sentinel and CM, I have nothing coming out this year. That's so far out of Not-Good's league, there aren't even words for it. Plus, I like SS and I'm really enjoying the characters from CM. I could put CM on hold, write the HR, but that go…