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The Friday Five - Quotes By Writers For Writers

Because you need a kick in the a-double-s. Or maybe you don't, but I found these quotes and I'm inclined to agree with them. Yeah, even though a couple contradict the others, just like me. Sometimes I'm gung-ho, nose to the grindstone with perfection, and sometimes I'm like, okay, who gives a care if it's crap. Crap can be fixed. Just as long you're doing something, right?

Five quotes. Go!

“Writing a book is a blood sport. If it doesn't hurt when you're done, you're probably doing something wrong.” ― Kevis Hendrickson

“...a writer should not so much write as embroider on paper; the work should be painstaking, laborious.” ― Anton Chekhov

“Keep working. Keep trying. Keep believing. You still might not make it, but at least you gave it your best shot. If you don’t have calluses on your soul, this isn’t for you. Take up knitting instead.” ― David Eddings

“Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite:
"Fool!" said my muse to me, "look i…

Author Interview - London Casey

What's your book/current WIP about?
The Boys of DownCrash series is a new adult romance series following the band, DownCrash, and their lives in and out of the band. Each member has some deep seeded demons, and through romance, they face those demons… with plenty of deep drama and real life situations.

What's your next project?
Right now I’m finishing up The Boys of DownCrash series. The third book is due in early July. From there… I’m sort of between two projects. One is a stand alone book and one is another series. Haven’t committed to one just yet.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
How much I really love music. When I write, I listen to music… but writing DownCrash, I really got into music. New sounds. New bands. I’ve been buying MP3’s like crazy during this series!

What sparked your interest in writing romance?
The connection between people and how it happens. How some people can just look at each other and know it. How some can be…

Greatest Hits - The Best of Have Novel, Will Edit Pt. II

I'm still not here, because, well, today was Memorial Day. Here's another blog from the past, because you probably didn't read it then.

April 9, 2010
Arrgh, Matey

Arrrr, matey. Avast ye landlubbers and whatnot. Polly wants a cracker and some Admiral Nelson’s. Ahoy and blow the man down. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. That song that creepy kid in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End sang.

Bored with my current life, I’ve decided to forego all the conventional jobs and head straight for the unconventional. Which is a wordy way of saying: I want to be a pirate. Tragically, my piratey accent is more than a little sucky, but I’m sure over time it’ll improve, ye blackhearted dawgs. One year, following the PoTC craze, I went to a Halloween “party” (I used quotations to let you all know it wasn’t a party. It was a terrible, terrible sham of a party where people sat around talking about boring stuff and I wanted to go home) dressed as a pirate. This little girl, who had come bac…

Greatest Hits - The Best of Have Novel, Will Edit

So no The Friday Five today because I already planned this post in case I had jury duty--which was cancelled. Yay! Instead, here's a post from the past because you probably didn't read it anyway. And if you did, well, you already know I like to tell the same stories over and over and over and... yeah. It mentions TRS, which stood for The Rainbow Serpent, which was the first (super-lame) title for The Treasure Hunter's Lady.

April 27, 2010

Technical difficulties

In more ways than one…

WordPress ate this entry. Blighter.

It was great, too because there was commentary about the guy who won the 200+ million dollar Powerball and why I can never win (it had something to do with God not wanting me to be an evil supervillian–people would think I’m cute and fluffy, but really… well, never mind), and how I realized I made a tragic, fatal, boo-boo in my contest entry with TRS. And this awesome bit about how I wanted to hide beneath a rock sans a long list of animals. It wouldn’t be ri…

Author Interview - Karolyn James

What's your book/current WIP about?  Brothers of Rock follows rock band, Chasing Cross, and their lives not just on stage, but off. Each book is stand alone, featuring a member of the band. They’re best read in order because the chronological order follows 1-5. Right now, books 1 and 2 are out – following lead singer, Johnnie, and lead guitarist, Davey. Book 3 is due out the end of June.

What's your next project? Of course, I’ll be finishing the Brothers of Rock series. The response has been SO HUGE so far, we’re talking expanding the series beyond Chasing Cross. I do have another romance series planned but that may get pushed aside for more rockstars!

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books? How much I fell in love with the guys from Chasing Cross. I spend so much time with these men… in each book and in plotting the rest of them, I feel like they’re part of me now. I wake up and wonder what Chris would be doing… where Rick is… if Johnnie a…

To My Dog's Great Relief--The End

Sometimes that moment comes in the quiet of early morning, sneaking in, soft and fluttery, a feather on a pond that barely causes a ripple. Sometimes it's loud and obnoxious, a marching band at a viewing. And then sometimes, it's just done and there's no crash of thunder, no soft music, just a beginning, a middle, and end.
The Wrong Brother's Bride--finito. It should've been a bigger moment, the marching band, because I spent two or three years thinking I'd probably never write historical fiction again. That's because I'm such a panster, I pretty much pants my whole life. I didn't really stop to think about what was going to happen when I was finished with the Legends & Lovers series. I didn't see another historical romance coming. It blindsided me. In a good way, though.
I started in early April, as you may recall. Just dinking around with it, thinking someday it would get finished, because I was neck-deep in NaNo with The Heckmasters. And…

The Friday Five - What's On My Playlist

I want you all to be aware that the next couple of weeks, blogging may be sporadic to nonexistant. The judicial system giants have decided they need me to come in for jury duty (or selection. I thought you had to be selected before they could magically sit you on a jury?). They need my eagle-eye for justice, my rabbit-ear for fine details, and my dolphin-like brain for sorting through criminal BS.


I can barely remember yesterday. I typed on FB "she's having his brother's brother." I meant baby. I didn't catch the mistake until someone else pointed it out. Do you people really think I should be in charge of deciding the fate of possibly innocent people's lives? Me either.

Anyway, I'm 75% finished with The Wrong Brother's Bride. I have no idea what to give you for The Friday Five, so I decided on a playlist because it's a no-brainer.

So here are my top song picks for TWBB. I also believe that mp3 downloads should be tax deductible because I&…

Guest Post & Giveaway - Kristen Beairsto

Changing Tastes

Thank you so much for having me!!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed my tastes in the kinds of romance stories/heroes/ heroines I like have changed. As an older teenager and in my early twenties, I gravitated towards historical romances featuring younger heroines that were close to my own age at the time. Now, in my early thirties and married, I tend to gravitate towards stories that feature older women and second chance romances. My current taste in stories comes out strong in my most recent release, Going After the Heart, which focuses on a struggling marriage where my heroine,

Lizzy, fights to save it.

Along with the change in the types of stories I’ve come to prefer, I’ve also found my taste in the appearance of the hero has changed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good hero any time. J But when I was younger, I wasn’t fond of reading about medieval heroes that had long hair and would skip over any descriptions that involved said hair. (My hair was short at…

I'll Make the Most of it Now, So When I'm Really Crippled, it'll be Worth it

I think I was 19 or 20 when I was first sought medical advice about the pinching pains in my left wrist. It had been going on since I was about 16, off and on, usually worse during the summer and winter. That made sense, because I was a ride operator at a theme park and there was a lot of button pushing during the summers and a lot of typing for classes during the fall and winter.

I was more than a little surprised when the coroner (I'm not even joking) slash doctor at my alma mater told me, yep, I had chronic tendinitis and guess what, wait till it spreads to your right wrist, because it almost always does. Damn that correct coroner/doctor. I ice, I heat, I once got a hand massage, I wrap, I brace, I self-medicate, but there's no long-term relief. It's spread to my left elbow on two occasions, usually when I'm marathon writing. The first time was bad, the second time not as rough.

It feels like someone jabbed a bunch of springy young twigs or uncooked spaghetti noodle…

Guest Post- Sharon C. Cooper

One of my all time favorite songs from back in the late 70’s is Reunited, by the R & B singing duo, Peaches and Herb. Even at a young age the love song touched me, making me believe in happily-ever-afters and second chances. With that said, when I first started reading romance novels, it didn’t come as a surprise to me that I gravitated to the ones that had a reunited theme or where a couple in love was given a second chance. It’s also the reason why my first book series is entitled: the Reunited Series . Below you’ll find the description and an excerpt from my latest release, Rendezvous with Danger, book 2 of the Reunited Series. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose someone I love more than life, in a brutal attack, only to have them show up on my doorstep three years later without a good reason for their absence. Well, that’s exactly what happens to former U.S Special Operative Quinn Hamilton.

Buy it: Exclusively at Amazon.
Publisher: Amaris Publishing LLC
Publication date:

About That Snow

I was not even kidding you guys. It was ridiculous. It started sleeting about 12 AM Friday and when I tried to go to work around 7:30, the roads were so slick, I had to turn around and go home. I almost died. Okay, I probably didn't, but I did slide the car off the road. I went back to bed after watching the news and when I got up. This had happened.

Yeah, that's snow. On the 3rd of May. Which is just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. May 3rd, you're supposed to be wearing flip flops and shorts and whining about how hot it is. Or maybe enjoying the very rare nice weather. Not dressing in coats and wearing socks for crying out loud. I'm pretty sure I had my gloves on at one point. I was wearing a hoodie and a coat that day. It was lovely. Not.

And this is what I looked like at Lambert's Cafe the next day. Yeah. Wearing a coat. On the 4th of May. My husband refused. He said, "It's May, I'm not wearing a %$#& coat." I did that last year. And it actuall…

The Friday Five - It's All About Snow

I know, right? Snow? In May? Well, that's what the weathermen are hollering. What new devilry is this? I mean, I think up north and out west that's a thing, but not in SW Missouri. It just isn't. Not since 1944 and well, that year was whack anyway*. (* Author claims no actual knowledge of whether the year was whack. Author's opinion is purely speculation.)

So today I'm talking five things about snow. Here ya go:

1) Chionophobia is a fear of snow. I don't have a fear of snow, I have an out right loathing for it.

2) 12% of Earth's land mass is covered in ice and snow.

3) Graupel is a type of snow that passes through a cloud with supercooled water. The water clings to the snowflake and makes lumpy little snowballs.

4) It's a myth that Eskimos have over 100 words for snow.

5) According to  the Guinness Book of World Records the largest snowflake recorded was 38 cm wide and 20 cm thick. It was found in Montana in 1887.

I would tell you to go, be, do, but as …

Author Interview & Giveaway with Samantha Holt

What's your book/current WIP about?

Essentially exploring how a relationship can develop with communication difficulties. My hero Jake rescues Isabel, only to find that she can’t hear or speak. It’s set in Northumbria in the 14th Century, when times were pretty tough in the borderlands so things don’t run smoothly.

Care to share your favorite line(s) from your story?

I’ve quoted this a few times, but every time I read it, I fall in love with Jake all over again!

“What would you have me say?” He faced her abruptly. “That I cannot stay, for how can I watch you wed my brother when I would wish to have you for myself? That it tears at my heart just to think of you in the arms of another man? Or that I…I regret every harsh word I ever spoke to you? I shall never meet another lass as fine as you.”

What's your next project?

I am just finishing up my first ever fantasy romance and then I will be tackling book 3 of The Borderland Legacy. Book 2 has been contracted and I am waiting anxiou…