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I got content edits back on The Wrong Brother's Bride last week. So naturally, I took my editor's suggestions and then I ran the whole document one chapter at a time past Anna the Talking Robot. She found some stuff too. Much as I despite listening to Anna's flat monotone and her repeated mispronunciations (the hero's name is August. She's always calling him Oogust. *headdesk*), and her mix-ups when she thinks I've abbreviated island (every time she sees the word 'is' she thinks it's short for island. Ugh!) or when she sees sob. She reads s-o-b, every single time! Which is, on occasion, hilarious. Anna is frustrating, but she's a help, so I guess I have to love her.

Saturday, I dragged my poor husband to Wordfest. We immediately went to the wrong place, because have you met me? I like to make things as complicated as possible. God help us if I ever get where I'm going right the first time. I shared a table with V.J. Schultz, who has a way cu…

The Friday Five - The Ugly Pants Version

So a couple of weeks ago, we did ugly sweaters. I think you know where this is going.

1) Um...uh-huh. There they are. You can fit a whole harem in there! There are more ugly pants here.

2) Curtain pants. Now you too can have the sheer privacy provided by curtains. Or not.

3) Dog pants. Can you believe these are sold out? Is that a poodle on your crotch, or...never mind. The most spectacular part...these are dude pants.
4) 'K, I don't even know what's going on here. Just put them away!
5) Yes, yes, a million times, yes!
There you go, kids. As writers, we're creative, but, damn. Shouldn't someone draw the line somewhere (way) before crochet man shorts? They really should have.
Go, be, do! While you're going, being, and doing, don't forget to read my SYTYCW entry, Wildwood Spring, and mark The Convict & the Cattleman as a want-to-read on Goodreads.

Fortuna Minusculus or Spike, For Short

I guess you could say, I'm writing my luck pony into the ground again. Because, why not?

There's something heady about winning (winning!) a writing contest. I gave myself this huge pep talk (that didn't work) on Friday evening about what a bad ass I am (it gave me a stomachache). I'm an award-winning author. I have contracts and a series. I'm awesome! But inside that cocoon of awesome is a frightened little writer. I wish I had half the confidence I had when I was 16 and I knew I one day I was going to be the Big Thing. Well, maybe I'm not the Big Thing, but I've had a darn good writing year.

Monday, mounted high on the back of the often elusive and semi-transparent, yet sparkly luck pony (fortuna minusculus) who I call Spike, I looked into the horizon and said, "You know what, Spike?" He whinnied in confusion, because this isn't real, and I continued as though uninterrupted. "I think I'm freakin' going to enter So You Think You C…

My Hat Almost Stole the Show

Okay, I'm not sure if all my appendages are working (I know with 100% certainty, my brain isn't, but that could accurately describe 6 out of 7 days), but here's an attempt to recap the weekend. It was busier than I said it would be on Friday.

Let's start the story with the part where I'm running late. Because I'm me and I'm either way early or way late. Do nothing by halves, kids. Nothing. So I'm driving around in a part of town that I never, ever, never, ever, ever never visit. I find the hotel/convention center okay, because my instructions had a semi-perfect clarity. Okay, that's a lie. I got lost, but I figured out my mistake right off, then I found the hotel okay. I checked in, grabbed a cart and hauled some stuff for the raffles up to the room. Then I decided I didn't have enough time to haul the rest up, so I took off for the restaurant.

I got lost looking for it. Really, really lost. I drove around, I walked. I had to ask a cop for direc…

The Friday Five - What's Shakin' This Weekend

It's here! The kick-off for the weekend I've waited on. That's right. Starting tonight and stretching into tomorrow, ORACon is going down! Months and months of planning have gone into this and it's sure to be enjoyable. Let's take a peek at five things that are going to happen!

1) Dinner tonight at Flame in downtown Springfield, MO. Admittedly, I am terrified of downtown because last year a shirtless hobo called me 'honey' and I smiled at a stranger's dog and if looks could kill, the lady who owned the dog would have murdered me. However, once inside the restaurant with 20-odd people I know, or have at least seen pictures of, my heart climbs out of my throat and I forget I have to face the weirdos again for two hours (writing weirdos good, stranger weirdos bad!). We'll worry about how I get back to my car after my stomach is full.

Also on Friday afternoon, there's a Meet the Authors event at the Barnes and Noble bookstore on Glenstone and Battle…

Defying the Skies (Sequel to "Searching the Skies") by Thea Landen

Defying the Skies (Sequel to “Searching the Skies”)
by Thea Landen
Erotic Futuristic Romance
Categories: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Carnal Desires/Double Dragon Publishing
Release Date: July 15, 2013
Heat Level: Sizzling
Word Count: 27,000

Available at:
Double Dragon eBooks:

In addition to her distinguished career with the Terran military, Commander Geneva Greyson has finally achieved harmony in her personal life. Her renewed relationship with her mother has grown stronger and she’s settled into a comfortable arrangement with the two men she loves. Marcus confesses a dark fantasy to her while she’s on leave from duty—not only does he have feelings for her, he’s developing an attraction to Ash.  He begs Geneva not to reveal his secrets before Ash arrives to spend the weekend with them.

The officers return to their posts after a relaxing, decadent …

Stuff That Baffles Me - Channeling Effie, Are We?

Ah, Halloween season. When I was a wee child, I was terrified of Halloween masks. I'm still not fond of them. However, I love the idea of costumes and dressing up, even though one year when I was going to a certain church, dressed up, prepared to trick-or-treat after the service (yes, I was like 16, shut up, okay? It's free candy, people!) with a friend, the preacher droned on and on about pretending to be something we're not. Technically, I wasn't pretending to be something I wasn't, because I was dressed like a cowgirl and I had a horse and I wore jeans/boots/hat frequently. So that preacher can sit back and...well, anyway. I don't see anything wrong with letting loose and leaving the real world behind for one night. No matter how I try to convince my husband, I'm pretty sure I'm never going to be a pirate in the ocean or in space. Darn it. Without further ado:

Hats! Oh, you guys know how much I love hats! We found this at Target and I'm not sure…

The Friday Five - Ugly Sweater Season

Ugh, fall. You weather-y old codger. I don't like you. Stealing my daylight, adding a nip to the air (actually this is the first day in a while that it's not been boiling hot, but it's coming), making the leaves change and wither. You're not right, you know that? With fall comes a change in fashion. We're all looking to stay warm because Earth thinks it needs to rotate on its axis or something. I have for you today some sweaters. Personally, I hate them because they make my elbows itch. Weird, I know. So I want to see these in your fall line up, okay? And for the record, I didn't know Ugly Sweater Parties were a thing. Clearly I'm hanging with the wrong people.

1) Reindeer Double Date Cardigan by Tipsy Elves - Perhaps the meaning of 'ugly' here is 'vulgar', not 'Sh!t that hurts my eyes!' Everyone needs a little lovin'. Do not judge those reindeer. It's not like they live forever, I mean, do you really think that's the sam…

Book Feature - By Love's Honor Bound" by Patricia Bond

By Love's Honor Bound
by Patricia Bond
Historical Romance
Categories: Action/Adventure, Mystery/Thriller
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date: July 17, 2013
Heat Level: Steamy
Word Count: 98,000

Available at:

Someone is killing Conductors on the Underground Railroad one by one. With a cellar full of runaway slaves, Olivia June Mathieson must decide - is the handsome Fenton PierceSmythe savior or traitor?

Both Fenton Pierce-Smythe’s fiancee and grandfather were killed when runaway slaves spooked their horses. Determined no one else will face that pain, he hunts runaways to return them safely to their owners. But can he remain unmoved by their plight? And unaffected by the beautiful woman who risks her life to lead them to freedom?

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some…

Stuff That Baffles Me - Please Tell Me That's Not Used

Flea markets are a never-ending source for sh!t that will just make your mind blow up. I don't even have words. I only pray that that chamber pot has never been used.

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the show! Tonight, we have special guests Tonya and the Port-a-Potties! Featuring instruments made from things you can use the bathroom in!

And it's for sale, hence the tag! Why, world? I...never mind. I don't want to know.

I had a killer headache starting Friday that hung on like tick until yesterday evening. Thanks, hardening blood vessels in my head. Or, neck muscles so tense you couldn't loosen them with a steamroller. Or whatever causes that. Despite that, I managed to a) find a dress for ORACon and matching earrings. They had a huge sale at J.C. Penney's and I was grabbing dresses left and right, like ooooo, cheap dresses! I can't even remember the last time I actually wore a dress anywhere. I'm doing it, kids. B) Dragged myself to the the ORA meeting, a…

The Friday Five - I'm Rambling Now

It was a short week, and I got nothin' for you, kids. I feel the same way as every other writer I know: I'm tired, I'm cranky, I'm ready for something to give, and I'm so distracted, I'm not getting a whole lot done. And it's annoying.

I'm halfway flitter-jibbed by the fact that it's nearly fall and I'm not ready. The weather is mood swinging big time right now, one day chilly all day, especially if you happen to be in the shade, one day hotter than Hades' South 40. I don't know if the rest of you sense shifts in weather (I'm sure you do), but even the slightest hint of chill sends me searching for apple cider, an over-sized hoodie, and about five blankets to huddle under until the equinox. Ugh, it's awful. On the upside, I do enjoy looking at all the Halloween decorations, so there's that. It takes a tiny bit of sting out of the stupid short days and cold air.

I have yet to purchase a new shirt/pants/dress/outfit/clothing of…

Book Feature & Giveaway - Legal Ease (Sutton Capital #1)" by Lori Ryan

Legal Ease (Sutton Capital #1) by Lori Ryan Contemporary Romantic Suspense Publisher: Self/Indie Release Date: April 18, 2013 Heat Level: Steamy Length: 150 pages Available at: Amazon -
Jack Sutton is a man who's used to getting his way. So when his mother's will forces his hand, he does the only thing he can. Jack cuts a deal with the confident, sexy law school student who walks into his office with a proposition he can't refuse.
The deal may have kept Jack in control at Sutton Capital but his private life quickly spirals out of control. Just when Jack realizes that he wants more than a year with Kelly, his wealth puts her in great danger and he is left scrambling to save her life and their future together.
Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.
Excerpt: Ke…

Tuesday Tell-All

Ooo, pictures, pictures! After wheedling, whining, and moaning that I never get to go anywhere! My husband and I decided it would be a good idea to take a trip over Labor Day weekend. We went to fun-tabulous Eureka Springs, AR, or motorcycle hell, if you will. It was crawling with motorcycles. Loud ones. Who took up lots of space in the motel parking lot and scared my dog. But that was really the worst of it.

Saturday morning, we rose early-ish for us and got on the road. PeeWee was extremely excited, because all week I'd been promising him a long car ride. We rolled the windows down and let the wind stream through his fur. We stopped to fill up at a gas station and I checked my e-mail. And got spec-freakin'-tacular news.

The release date for The Convict and the Cattleman has been moved up from February to January 6th. That's my maternal grandma's birthday. She would have been 81 next year.

Then we were off again, driving through the country, trying to remember how to …