Monday, December 30, 2013

Out With the Old...No, Wait, It Was Good!

Image by Billy Alexander
Well. It appears we've reached the end of the year once again. That's good news, y'all. Means we survived! Woohoo! Give yourselves a hand. 

It's time to the annual recap of cool (and not so cool) stuff that happened. No sense putting it off, let's get to it.

First things first, I came into 2013 with a lot of dread. Around mid-December last year I started getting this tight knot of panic in my chest if I thought about the future too much. Granted, my 19+12 birthday didn't roll around until mid-year, but I was a little flustered about that. Mostly, though, I was bothered by sadness because 2013 marked the ten year anniversary of my dad's death. There were a lot of mornings where I didn't want to get out of bed because a decade is a long, long time to go without seeing someone you love.

So I stayed busy. I buried myself in writing projects, which requires a lot of concentration. If you're concentrating on making characters miserable and ultimately happy, you don't have much time to wallow on your own misery. It started with JANO, writing the end of The Siren's Sentinel. Finishing that book felt so good, because the first draft was awful and I felt like the rewrite went so much better. But I finished in mid-January and needed something else to do. I decided to read The Convict and the Cattleman again. I laughed at how bad it was, but I thought, I'm not doing anything else, I could write the end of this. And I did. It didn't take too long, since I only added about five thousand words to finish. Then I really took a chance and submitted it to a three line pitch for Lyrical Press. I got my first request for a full submission. Then in March, I signed a contract for the novel. It was a thrilling moment, even though I was so nervous about edits. Edits really weren't that bad. Working with my editor was a great experience. So great, that I got started on another historical and submitted it in early June for my second contract. That novel is The Wrong Brother's Bride, and I'm particularly proud of it, because it's set locally.

I entered the Weta Nichols contest with a historical and a historical paranormal. No one was more surprised that me to learn the historical paranormal got first place, and a full request from an editor at Samhain. My first first place, which is far too cool. The Heckmasters: Wystan, was my April Camp NaNoWriMo project, which I was writing at the same time as The Wrong Brother's Bride. Then, during the late summer, I started working on Wildwood Spring, which is set in one of my favorite places in the world, Eureka Springs.

It didn't fare too well in the Weta, so I decided to enter So You Think You Can Write. It didn't make it through the first round picks, but I'd managed to finish it by the end of October. I was wavering between sending it to my editor at Lyrical or self-publishing it, but when I saw Breathless Press was offering a five page critique during November's NaNoWriMo, I decided to shoot it over there. I was giddy when I got the request for the full. Galleys for The Convict and the Cattleman were finished, a date was projected for The Wrong Brother's Bride, and suddenly another editor was offering a contract for Wildwood Spring. You bet I signed it.

Then more big news. A week after I signed with Breathless, the editor at Samhain offered a contract for Wystan. On top of four contracts and a first place award this year, I wrote over 350,000 words on eight novels. I've got the third book in the Heckmasters started and sitting pretty at 10,000 words and a new historical set in the same area as The Wrong Brother's Bride called Winning Her Heart. I'm going to attempt to finish it during JANO 2014 and send it to my Lyrical editor. I have a ton of ideas for novels in the upcoming year.

With the release of The Convict and the Cattleman just days away, I'm on the edge of my seat with excitement. I've done a ton of begging to get promo spots for it, so look for links to book features and interviews on my social sites.

I can't even express how awesome this year has been. When I started writing, I know I never expected to write so fast or submit and not be rejected dozens of times. I can't help wondering if it's a miracle, or dumb luck, or something else, but all this writing and editing really helped boost my moral for 2013. There were days that seemed bleak and black or sometimes the day would be fine until one little thing would set me off and drag me down, but there was always something to look forward to when it came to writing. Let's hope I can keep up the momentum.

Keep going, keep dreaming, keep writing, because good things don't happen if you do nothing. Right here, this is proof.

Happy New Year, kids!

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Christmas Recap

Whoosh! That's the sound Christmas made as it went hurtling by. One minute it was December 23rd, then it was my husband pushing me out the door to hurry up and get to my mom's house for Christmas Eve. The man couldn't sit still. He didn't want to watch soap operas (who does?), he didn't want to wait for the dog and me to dry our hair, he wanted the gifts loaded, stuff in the truck, let's go, let's go, let's go.

Men, amiright?

And then he had to replace the piece of cardboard in front of the radiator while me and PeeWee sat in the truck freezing our bums off. Sheesh.

We had a to make a couple of stops--one for snacks and one for gas, but we arrived well ahead of scheduled time. I called Mom when we were about 15 minutes away and she'd just gotten out of the shower. Then while we were packing stuff in, my husband gave my brother his present of cow feed and I didn't even get to put the bow on it!

We snacked and talked and ordered dinner from Pizza Hut, watched Elf on TV, and lamented over poor Twinki, my brother's dog who died last week. PeeWee cried when my brother ate a hotdog in front of him and Mom gave him half of another hotdog. No, he's not spoiled at all.

Then Santa Claus came! Actually, he'd already dropped our gifts off and they were sorted while I fixed sugar cookies with bright green frosting (it was on sale--99 cents, bargain!). They were good cookies.

So Mom handed out presents and I got a nice heavy one. I pulled it out of the bag and it's a brown shipping box, which tells you nothing. The use of a pocket knife was required to free said gift from its trappings. I folded the flaps back and the top of the next box said Asus Transformer Book. Which is a tablet and computer in one, y'all. I think my eyeballs almost popped out and my jaw dropped. It was such a fantastic gift! I felt bad for just getting her perfume and a necklace with The Convict and the Cattleman cover on it.

I wrote so many words on my last laptop, they can't even be counted. I can't wait to start January fresh with a new computer and another novel. My mom is the best! I was joking with her in November that I wanted a 2-in-1 and she said, "Dream on." I was almost afraid to pull it out of the box because I thought surely it was a joke.

Needless to say, it's covered in fingerprints and has been since I opened it. I didn't go to bed until after midnight because I was downloading my favorite programs to it.

We had breakfast Christmas morning. I made biscuits. By, um, opening the Pillsbury sack and sticking them on tinfoil, then just sitting back while everyone else cooked. In previous years I've done scrambled eggs or bacon. I like biscuits better. I'm going to try and wrangle that job again next year. We had a dirty Santa swap after and I got an LED lantern that I can totally use on my book table at the author day at the Kimberling Area Library in February. Or if the power goes out (cross your fingers that it doesn't).

We zipped southward to my husband's parents' house and arrived just in time for supper by happy accident, because he didn't call ahead and tell them we were coming. We dropped Petey-wetey doodle-brain off at home first, because he was tired. I was tired too, but no one offered to let me stay home.

Then we made a trip back near home to stop in at my aunt and uncle's to snack and watch my cousin's son open his huge haul of gifts. It was hilarious watching him try out his skates. He was so freaked out because they were "slippery" on the hardwood floor.

By the time 8 pm rolled around, I was knackered. I went home and tried working on some edits for Wildwood Spring and got a little bit done, but I still have a few things left to do. I was asked to have them in today, but I'm gonna need an extension. Crossing my fingers for Monday.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as me and my family did! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Season's Greetings

I hope you all have a lovely holiday with lots of good family, friends, and food!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Book Feature- Forever Blue by Elodie Parkes

Five things I wanted for the story, ‘Forever Blue’ (from the author)
1. A heroin who was capable, brave, ready for love, and not afraid to go for it.
2. A hero who was hot, sexy, but not afraid to admit his love and need for his woman.
3. A story that had an element of mystery and strangeness to fit the season.
4. A story that took place in the country where silence and nature can conjure up the ethereal.
5. A love story that sizzled with sex, but also touches your heart with happiness.

When she arrived home, he was in his usual place on the patio. It was an exceptionally dark night. The moon was covered with dense cloud. Rain fell in huge drops. He heard the Land Rover long before she pulled into her path and parked. Jasper heard her humming. She went through her front door. If she had been to a hide somewhere other than in the local area she was home early, he decided. He listened to the sound of her making a hot drink in her kitchen. He smiled. He couldn’t stop smiling. The sound of her voice flowed over him. It trickled into his mind and heart, lifting his spirits, and giving him hope.

Jasper stood silently by the holly tree and close to the biggest potted trees. One of them was shaped into a ball. He liked that. When the conservatory door opened and Claudie stepped out, he froze in the darkness and the shadow of the holly.

Get it at Amazon

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013

About Elodie:
Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.
Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.
Elodie writes for, Hot Ink Press, Moon Rose Publishing, Eternal Press, and Evernight
She has also released titles as an individual indie author.

Find Elodie online: Blog  Tumblr  Facebook  Twitter  Google +  Pinterest  YouTube  Amazon USA  Amazon UK  Smashwords  Barnes and Noble  ARe  Bookstrand  Evernight

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Friday Five - Bibliophile Christmas

We're not hard to buy for. We like books and stuff to do with books. We're just smart like that.

1) Aww, look at this cute necklace. We love books and we want the world to know! And it's on lined paper. It's like someone's inside our heads! On Etsy for the bargain price of $13.95.

2) Pens! Not to write in books with though. That's a no-no. Please don't write in books! Especially if they're not yours. You make the book fairy cry. I like these because there's one for the procrastinator and I'm nothing if not the queen of procrastinating. Perfect for your readers and writers! From $8.50 to $14.00.

3) Add insults to your injuries with these Shakespearean bandages. And for the low, low price of $2.50 at Amazon. You can also get some in the shape of Edgar Allen Poe. Hmm...

4) Transparent book plate. I'd LOVE to have one of these. It would protect books from whatever I'm eating when I eat and read like I almost always do at lunch. Brilliance! Apparently these are from Japan though, because the price is in yen

5) I also think these would be kickass, because sometimes I just want to lay down. Only $11.00. That's a wise investment. 

I hope you already have your Christmas shopping done though, because it could be a real bear trying to get out among the masses. And what if the items you planned to buy your bibliophile were already off the shelves and sold out? That would just be sad. You'd have to give them a tatty old paperback you got from Goodwill or something.

It's Friday...relax.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cue the Celebration Music, Y'all

Sorry for the glare on the shiny bottle of Martinelli's. Cameras, amiright?

What's this bottle for? Didn't we just open one of these? Yes, we did. We're not opening bottles of Martinelli's (also, I'm not stocking these in a cellar or anything. I kid you not, I've actually had this bottle since June. I hope it didn't have an expiration date before then...) for the fun of it.

It all started in May, really, if you think about it. I was working on The Wrong Brother's Bride and on the first Heckmasters book. Two at once, boy, that was some work. Good work though. I finished TWBB around the end of May, but Wystan took me a little longer, like mid-June.

I'd already submitted TWBB to the Weta Nichols Writing Contest, but I was chomping the bit to send it to my Lyrical editor, so I did that instead and withdrew the entry. I swapped it out for Wystan. I was nervous about it. You guys know I like a healthy dollop of weird in my writing; Wystan is crawling with it. I've written mythical creatures, but never demons. They leave me feeling yucky, but it's not like I'm getting the candles out and chanting for them myself. My heroes are slaying them. Go, heroes. My big plan was to self-pub the Heckmasters, because why not?

Then this happened:

There was still time to pitch to Samhain editor Holly at the Ozarks Romance Authors annual conference. I was a wreck. I'm weird like that. Needless to say, I bombed. I probably could've done better if I'd been drinking before I pitched, but it was only a little after 9 am, so that seemed out of the question.

Of course, she'd already experienced the first chapter of the book by judging, so she was excited about it, even though I couldn't talk my way out of a wet paper bag, to use a bad cliche.

I sent Wysy-poo out the door on September 26. Let's fast forward, because I didn't really do much writing or anything in October. In November, I started NaNoWriMo, which kept me busy, thank God, although I'm getting waaayyy better at waiting *snort* okay, I'm not. I was having dreams about checking my email, which I'm sure isn't unusual for writers. I was waiting to hear back on Wildwood Spring too, so as you can imagine, my anxiety was peak levels. I dreamed that they both got acceptance letters. Upon waking up, I was like, dreams, you're deceiving. Naughty dreams!

So on November 25, even though I felt like a giant meany, I (hopefully) politely inquired about the status of Wystan. Holly very politely emailed back that it was still under consideration. Resume nail-biting.

As you know, on November 27, I cheerfully signed the contract for Wildwood. And celebrated with Martinelli's.

So I'm alternating working on Eban and filling out paperwork and pinching myself to make sure I'm awake when I check my email on December 3 and there's an email. Weird, right? An email in my inbox. The subject:
The Heckmasters: Wystan

I'm pretty sure I made this face:
I accidentally dyed my hair brown, remember?

I summoned the nerve to click the email. I actually managed to read this one from the first line down instead of skipping to the middle or end like I usually do. Ahem. Then, after reading said email, which was very good news, I may have pretended to think about whether I wanted to sign the contract, because she said, and I quote, "Take some time to think this over, and let me know if you’d like to place the book with Samhain", but really I was all, woohoo! I'm going to sign a contract with Samhain!

Of course, I texted my mom to let her know and I emailed Holly back toward the end of the day after pretending I was thinking. Like, trust my tombstone family to Holly and Samhain! Absolutely! I call them the tombstone family because I pulled their surname off a tombstone I saw at a kiosk at a mall (tombstone kiosks at the mall. That's so bizarre).

Anyway, I waited until Monday to announce this bit of super-awesome because I wanted to get the contract signed and all that good stuff.

Let's have a drink! (But watch that Martinelli's, because if you put the lid back on, leave it overnight, and shake it up to make sure it's still fizzy, when you pop the lid off again, that sucker will fly! I'm really glad I had that pointed away from my face.)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust

I was really hoping to finish The Heckmasters: Eban this month. I started it in October and it was time to put that baby to bed. I had some trouble going into the final chapters, because there was kind of a lot going on.

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid /
You have the possessed heroine and have to figure out how to unpossess her because the demon laughs at the "traditional" exorcism ways. You have the trouble hero who's in love with the heroine from the previous novel, but alas, she loves his brother and marries him instead, so I had to make this hero fall in love with this heroine. You have the unexpected angel roaming around (who wasn't in my plans at all), you have a forgotten past, a long-lost brother, a long-lost father, and surprise! Another long-lost brother. It kind of boiled down to everyone wants to kill everyone else. Early Sunday morning, after half-paying attention to reruns of Burn Notice and Leverage, I finished Eban's book. I'm glad it's over and I managed the HFN. I'm dreading the editing. *shakes fist* Darn you, necessary evils!

I had to do some rewriting on Sunday after Saturday's session because the end was a little too much like the end of The Sky Pirate's Wife. Oops. Well, it was good ending. I got that all cleared up and mended a rift between Eban and Tell. No one can stay mad at Tell. It's impossible.

This makes my 9th finished novel. Sweeeet.

I also hit 10k on Winning Her Heart. I'm trying to convince myself this is the novel I'm writing for Jano. Although I've started Tell's book and it's not coming along too badly, I kind of need the break from the Heckmasters. Too much of a good thing and all that. Oh, all right. I'm really flopping back and forth because I like the historical, but I really, really like Tell.

I got the fantastic opportunity to beta read a fantastic novel over the weekend for Lisa Medley. It's the third book in her reaper series, which I've had the privilege of reading from the start. Keep your eyeballs peeled in March when the first one comes out in a boxed set from Harlequin.

On top of 10,000 words give or take, I've earned myself a spectacular case of tennis elbow. This can happen when you write a lot. It'll be fine. Or it'll fall off. Whichever. Oh, I suppose I could stop writing for a while, but...yeah, I don't think that's going to happen. Stop writing. Snort. Very funny.

P.S. The Wilson's Creek luminary memorial event was cancelled and they're not rescheduling. I has a sad.

Friday, December 13, 2013

It's Friday and I Got Nothin'

I mean, I've been snowed in since practically last Friday. I missed the ORA Christmas Party--huge sad face. I sat on my bum from Thursday until Saturday afternoon when hell or high water I was getting out of the house. The road was covered in mooshed down snow and ice, but my trusty little POS Taurus got me to a nearby town. I took the PeeWee Monster with me because I thought if I ran off the road, at least I'd have company. I didn't run off the road though, because I am amazing! That was easily the worst road I've ever driven on. I just don't do snow.

I accidentally colored my hair brown, trimmed my bangs blunt-style and too short, tore my sole remaining left contact, and got a massive headache from squinting. It was super fun! Not. I looked a bit like Angelica Houston with my bangs uncurled and straight across my forehead. I looked a bit like Gibbs on NCIS when my hair was parted down the middle. I've always wondered why he doesn't cut his and maybe use a little gel to get them to stick up. Yeah, it's that bad. I side-parted my hair this morning and at least they look...well, less bad. If I could just get a few of those pieces to lay down. I realize why I ditched the bangs look oh, ten years ago.

Doesn't everybody write naked?
On the other hand, I didn't make it into work again until Wednesday morning, so I got a ton of writing done. I bumped up another couple thousand words on The Heckmaster: Eban, started The Heckmasters: Tell (even though I tried not to), and managed a couple thousand on my historical Winning Her Heart. I wrote a blog post, answered some interview questions, made it through a round of listening to Anna read The Wrong Brother's Bride galley, and mostly didn't go crazy from boredom. Okay, a little. My husband was gone plowing snow for the state and for a while me and PeeWee thought things were going to turn into The Shining, but we battled snow fever and won.

He actually enjoyed the snow and had a blast playing in it. For a dog that hates taking a bath, he didn't mind snow sticking in his fur, go figure.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the round of freezing rain and snow coming this weekend doesn't cancel the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield luminary lighting. Remember the photos I did last year? Well, I wanna do some more! It's one of my favorite Christmas activities. Okay, it's really all we do for Christmas, but it's so much fun to see all the Civil War guys dressed in their costumes and view the luminaries on the road, then go through the Ray House.

It's Friday, we made it through this wintry week, thank goodness. You know the drill: go, be, do.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Feature - Hustlin' Texas by KC Klein

Genre: Suspense, Contemporary Romance
Length: 238 pages
Release Date: December 5, 2013
Published by: eKensington
Buy it at Amazon || Barnes & Noble

“Sassy, sexy, fun.”—Lori Wilde

“A sexy read.” —Rachel Gibson

Only one person in Oak Groves is happy to see bad girl Nikki Logan back in town…

Oak Groves’ most beloved bachelor, Jett Avery, lives by a simple set of rules. Getting involved with a complicated woman isn’t one of them. He learned that the hard way two years ago when he spent one of the most incredible nights of his life with Nikki Logan. But then she hightailed it out of town, never to be seen again—until now. It might be time to break one of those rules…

Picking up the pieces of her life, Nikki is back in Oak Groves, face to face with the one man she’s done her best to forget. But she has her reasons for being here—and they don’t include winding up in bed with Jett. Especially since he’ll never forgive her once he finds out the truth about why she’s back…

Praise for KC Klein’s Texas Wide Open:
“Passionate, gritty and fast-paced…with a hot-blooded, honorable hero to make every woman’s knees go weak.”—Diane Whiteside
“A tortured hero, a love that defies distance and time…this is a book you won’t soon forget.”—Cat Johnson
“KC Klein’s hero is as hot as a Texan summer’s day.” –Rachel Gibson

About the Author:
KC Klein has lived most of her life with her head in the clouds and her nose buried in a book. She did stop reading long enough to make a home with a real life hero, her husband, for over seventeen years. A mother of two children, she spends her time slaying dragons, saving princesses, and championing the belief in the happily-ever-after.

Her debut novel, Dark Future, was a 2010 Prism finalist and has been honored with a reviewer’s choice award. She’s the author of the sexy cowboy Texas Fever series, Texas Wide Open, and Hustlin’ Texas.
She’s also a contributing author to the fun, sci-fi romance anthology, Hotter on the Edge series that has won two Night Owl Top Picks and a 2012 RONE Award.

KC loves to hear from readers and can be found desperately pounding away on her laptop in yoga pants and leopard slippers or more conveniently at

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Friday Five - Winter, Bluck!

Winter. Ew. This time of year is not my friend. It's all dark and cold and often snoy/icy/sleety. I want to curl up in my hoodie, sweat pants, find a snuggly blanket, and watch countless hours of daytime TV. But I won't. Instead, I'm telling you even more facts about this godawful season.

1) The winter of 1779-80 was so cold and nasty that ice piled 20 feet high on the Delmarva Coast (along Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) and stayed there until spring. The Potomac River froze and people could walk across it to the island of Kent.
Photo by A. Krappweis

2) S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) was first diagnosed in 1984. You'd think, especially after reading about Delmarva, that it would've been recognized a long time ago. Symptoms of S.A.D. start showing up in the fall and last until spring. They include lowered energy, grouchiness, and depression.

3) What's the difference between sleet and freezing rain? Sleet is frozen precipitation, freezing rain is liquid that freezes when it hits the ground or other objects.

4) On January 28, 1922 the Knickerbocker Storm in Washington D.C. killed almost 100 people when the weight of snow collapsed the Knickerbocker Theatre.

5) The most snow to ever fall in one day in the US was in Colorado at Silver Lake. A record 76 inches fell between April 14 and 15, 1921.

Stay warm, kids. If you're in a warm place, just know I'm insanely jealous right now.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Feature & Guest Post - King of Hearts by Kay David

In King of Hearts, my latest Entangled Ignite, learn what happens to hero and heroine before the book even starts.  Follow the blog schedule at or  This is the fourth installment so be sure and keep up.  You don’t want to miss a word of this hot and steamy encounter or the a chance to win a beautiful pair of silver earrings!

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Famous words from my mother’s treasure trove of advice.  

So what did Kingson Landry think the first time he laid eyes on Jessie Delacourt? 

1.) Were those legs as long as they looked?
The longer he looked at Jessie, the better she looked.  He’d never seen a woman as beautiful and sexy as the undercover Texas Ranger, and truth be told, she’d snuck into his head more than once since they’d first met.  Red head, killer body, legs that didn’t stop.  From the gleam in her eyes to the high leather boots, she was the total package.  The white Softail motorcycle she rode didn’t hurt, either.  He wouldn’t mind getting his hands on that bike…  Or that woman.
2.) How long would it take to get those clothes off her?
Her breasts were barely contained by the skimpy camisole she wore beneath her leather vest, and he couldn’t help but envy the way the denim curved around her hips and caressed her legs.  He imagined peeling off the jeans then teasing away the lacy thong she was probably wearing underneath. 
3.) But the clothes were a costume for her undercover life. She was someone else beneath the makeup and outfit.  Who was that person?
Sure she was gorgeous.  Sure she was smart.  She was obviously doing great in her career too or she wouldn’t be on the elite Smokin’ ACES team.  But who was she?  Underneath the biker makeup and skimpy clothes?  Something told him she was more much than what he saw.
4.) How long could she last?
The average citizen in Rio County was male, mean and criminal.  They were ruled by Pablo Ortega, a drug lord with deep ties to the area, and more importantly to King himself.  Jessie was a beautiful woman; Ortega could think of dozens of ways to hurt her, use her, and kill her.  How long would it take for her to land on his radar?
4.) How long would she stay?
No one lived in Rio County unless they had to.  Once her job was finished, she’d be gone.  If she survived… In between the rocker panels on the back of her vest, a piece of artwork was displayed.  Her cut declared Smokin’ Aces and the patch below the art work said Rogue.  That meant she roamed.  He wondered if she really did.
5) Most importantly—how long did he have?
He suddenly wanted to convince her to stick around long enough so he could learn the answers to all these questions.
He rose from the table and followed her inside.

Check out the next blog to learn what happens when they meet!

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Length: 158 pages
Release Date: November 2013
Imprint: Ignite
Buy it at: Barnes & Noble || Amazon || Kobo

Blurb:She loved him so much, she was willing to kill. He loved her so much, he was willing to die.

One night with bad-girl biker Jessie Delacort should have been enough for straight-laced cop Kingson Landry. But she got under his skin and hasn’t let go. Discovering she’s an undercover Texas ACES agent makes it even harder to resist her. But he must, because his past could kill Jessie just as easily as it has the other people he loves.

When Jessie Delacort rides into town on her Harley, the last thing she wants is to fall in love with another man who is hiding secrets too dark to reveal. But when they’re forced to work together to bring down a powerful drug cartel, Jessie knows she’s got it bad for the quiet cop with the haunted eyes.

When the cartel’s vengeance-driven leader sets his sights on the two of them, King knows he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Jessie safe. Even if that means giving up their chance of turning the white-hot attraction between them into love.

About the Author:
Kay David went through second grade without speaking a word.  Since then, she hasn’t shut up.Born in a small town south of Houston, Kay spent her childhood in a very ordinary way, but then the family moved.  To another small town right up the road. Somehow that place just didn’t feel right, at least to her seven-year-old brain, and she refused to speak to anyone at her new school for an entire year.

Known as selective mutism, the decision of a child to talk in one situation but not in another is usually due to anxiety.  Kay’s father called it stubbornness, and although Kay tended to agree with him, she didn’t say so. Obviously. Her mother, employing one of her typically elegant solutions, didn’t call it anything.  Instead, she wrote Kay a note,every day, and put it in her lunch box so she wouldn’t feel lonely in the cafeteria at noon.  It’s hard to make friends when you don’t speak.

The problem resolved itself, as many do, and by third grade, she was talking away.  And reading.  And reading.

By high school she was also writing and writing.  Editor of the school newspaper for three years, she also wrote a column for the local paper.  Attending the University of Houston at Clear Lake, Kay obtained two bachelor’s degrees, the first in literature and a second in computer engineering.  Her master’s degree is in behavioral science.

Since that time, Kay has enjoyed an assortment of careers including time at NASA, a stint at home building, and working as a designer of fine jewelry.

Time living in the Middle East, as well as South America, has given her an appreciation for all things Texan.  Everyone she met in those distant places imagined Texas as a magical place with wide vistas, urban opportunities, and handsome  cowboys. And for Kay, the state is all that and much more.

Writing fulltime, she has sold over thirty-five romantic suspense novels for a variety of publishers, including Harlequin Superromance.  Her first Entangled Suspense novel will be released April, 2013 to be followed shortly by two more,  all three books a part of her new Smokin’ ACES continuing series.

She currently splits her time between Texas and the Florida panhandle with her husband.   She loves to read, sometimes bakes and collects shoes faster than Imelda Marcos did.

And she talks.  A lot.

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Lot of Pictures of the Same Book

Happy couple of days after Thanksgiving! Let's see, it was Gray Thursday, Black Friday, Foggy Saturday, Sleep-in Sunday, and at last, Cyber Monday. Got your Christmas shopping done? I'm sooooo close.

I spent a lot of time this weekend working on getting Wildwood Spring up to snuff. Me and Anna the Talking Robot are getting close and snuggly again. I hate that robot and at the same time, I don't know how I lived without her.

I don't really have much for you, but I do have some photos of a certain book to share.

Go on, guess what it is.

Is that what you think it is? Yes, yes it is.

Oh, so pretty.

Wow, I don't look fat in this photo.
This book instantly slims you!

It's for sale at Amazon. You too can look skinny while holding this book.

The man either takes deadly serious photos or silly beyond words.
There's no middle ground.

Now we're waiting on the galley for The Wrong Brother's Bride. It is by and far one of my favorite books. I also visited Springfield National Cemetery over the weekend and saw the grave of Judge Geiger, who does some stuff in TWBB that I don't want to spoil for you, but I was all, "Oh my god, I know that guy!" I know...know about him. You can virtually visit Judge Geiger's grave by checking out my The Wrong Brother's Bride Pinterest board.

Go, be, do.