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It's Here, It's Here

Erm, sort of here. We're not on Amazon or Barnes and Noble because of the transition, but you can still get it on Kobo, iTunes, and in paperback.

There are umpteen thousand people I have to thank for making The Convict and the Cattleman possible. Some are people that have no idea where they are and have vanished into the wild blue Internet yonder. Thank you, people who helped.

Some are family, like my mom who nagged me to finish for three years. Thanks, Mom.

Some are critiquers, who tolerated my bad writing, helped me fix it, and helped me reach where I am today. This means you, you Rom-Critters. Particularly Brenda, Michelle, and Cindy.

And D'Ann, well, thank you, because you invited my editor to your group blog for the 3-line pitch. If you hadn't done that, I can almost guarantee Convict wouldn't be where it is today.

Thanks to Piper and Renee for taking a chance on me.

I've forgotten people, no doubt, but I love you all.

I'm not sure what else I can tell you about this book, except be kind to your author and go buy it. If you want a little adventure, a deep romance, and some touching family moments all set in New South Wales, here's your book. You can get it at all of these places:

Amazon in print
Barnes & Noble in print
Kobo for the ereader
iTunes for ereaders

Check it out at Goodreads for the reviews (more of those coming soon), and add it to your reading list.
You can also scope out the Pinterest board for some of the things you'll find inside the book.

Crack open that Martinelli's, settle in for a good read, and Happy Monday!


  1. So exciting! Looks great! I can't wait to read it :) Congrats again :)

  2. Good for you. Big congrats! I love the cover. Do you suppose you'll get an ebook later? I love paper books anyway. :)


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