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Places Nobody Told Me About

Except for a few years and a couple of months, I've spent almost my whole life in Stone County, Missouri. It's pretty here--big hills, lots of trees, snug valleys and ample waterways. Lately because of my interest in local history, I've been researching little towns that no longer exist and mills. After I finish Winning Her Heart, I doubt I wrote another story set at a mill, but it hasn't stopped me from searching for foundations here in Stone County (although the book is set in Greene).

Here's what I found this weekend:

Silver Lake Mill site. It washed away in a floods twice, the
last time in 1976.

Mill pond

More pond

The PURPLE house right across from it. I'd so live here.

Silver Lake, the mouth of Silver Lake Branch. I'd also live in
that big house up the hill from this.

Ducks on Silver Lake

Pictures can't capture how gorgeous this area is. We'll have to make another run up there in the spring when the flowers are blooming. We also hit Long Cemetery on the other side of Stone County, looking for Long's Mill, which isn't there anymore, of course, but we thought we saw a cornerstone for it. Naturally, everything is behind fencing, so it's impossible to get up close to them. From there we traveled up M highway and went to Brown's Spring, but it's so brushy, you'd be hard pressed to notice anything but a pile of rocks around the creek. It's kind of creepy there because the houses are run down, so we didn't stay long.

In other news, I hit 30k on Winning Her Heart, so we're officially at the halfway point for the novel. I'm also at 20k for JANO, which is right on track to finish on time. Yay!

Happy Monday!