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Stuff That Baffles Me- Abbreviations

It's been a while, a long, long while since I hit y'all with anything that baffled me. Things are kind of crazy right now, so you'll just have to live with it and be happy that you get anything at all. I can only please one person a day and today it was me by buying myself a Dr. Pepper when I was forced to stop for gas in the arctic temperatures. Anyway...

Or I suppose I could have titled this entry, 'What Flavor Are Your Tears?' Carmex Cry Flavor. salty and bitter, you won't even need to stub your toe or relive your most embarrassing moment with the tear-flavored effect of this product.

I'm assuming it's really cherry flavor.

I've been working on another historical romance that I started in late October, I think. Right before I started NaNo with Eban's book, if I remember correctly. I didn't do much work on it, just rounding it to around 10k before Jano. I was torn between writing Tell's book and writing Winning Her Heart, because obviously I'd just spent November with the Heckmasters.

Deciding it was time for a little break from the weird, I went with the historical. It started off with the hero and heroine being strangers. I decided I didn't like the way that was working out around 20k in, so I made them acquaintances. It still didn't work. They wound up being a couple that got separated because...well, I can't tell you why, because although I'm 61k into the story, the heroine still doesn't know why he really left. Okay, it was because the hero had to beat the holy, ever-loving snot out of someone to defend his family honor, but the heroine still doesn't know.

This is the choppiest manuscript I've written in years. I'm a little horrified by it, actually. It's terrible that it's so broken up, because there are a lot of parts that make sense. I spent mucho time Saturday with the intention of finishing it, writing additional transitional scenes so it would flow better. Sweet mother of all things shiny, I hope it flows smoother now. The good news is, I while I was hoping to finish, I was wading toward 50k, the goal of Jano-ers across the world. Around 4:25ish pm, I crossed the border. I narrowly made it as the 3rd person to reach the finish line. Whew! But congrats to everyone who made it! And I hope everyone who's writing is still doing their best.

Sunday I got up because PeeWee insisted he needed to go out and couldn't wait any longer at 9:30 (even though we were outside at 1 am, PeeWee), so I did my dog mom duty by walking him around the yard until his business was complete, then returned indoors where I opened the document with the intention of adding some more wordage. And I got stuck. So I considered for a few moments what to do--going back to bed was a huge consideration, but I didn't.

Instead I broke out Eban and started reading. There are a few serious gaping plot holes in it, but overall, I was pleased with that novel I spent November and more than half of December writing. Of course, after 11,000 words this weekend and reading Eban, I feel like I'm about half-blind, but it was worth it. And, I couldn't sleep last night because the wind tore down some power poles, which turned off our electricity, which meant my fan turned off and I can't sleep without the noise. Then when the electricity came back on, my arms hurt so bad from all the typing, that kept me up, but I'm off to a hell of a start for 2014 with writing.


  1. I of course am a failure at Jano. Not even 3000 words. This book has got me all confused. I need to print all my variations out and see if I can't get it more coherent. Congrats on 3rd to reach 50,000!

  2. You constantly amaze me with how prolific you are. Congrats on making 50k!

    My dad once bought me cinnamon roll flavored lip balm. I thought that was bad, mostly because it made me hungry, but now I'm imagining those salty tears. Thanks for that.

  3. Good gravy. You amaze the snot out of me.


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