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The Friday Five - Weird Facts

It's Friday! That means tomorrow is Saturday and if the #$%& weather holds, I'm heading south to the Kimberling Area Library for Author Book Signing Day. I'll be there with copies of (for the first time ever) the entire Legends & Lovers series and copies of The Convict and the Cattleman, plus candy. You want candy, right? Of course you do. The event starts at 9 am, goes to 2 pm and I'm sure it'll be just lovely.

Today I've brought you weird facts. Enjoy!

1) Abracadabra - it's a magic word first noted in the 1690s from the Latin Abraxas, which refers to great power. But did you know it was also used as a supposed cure for hay fever? *Sneeze* "Abracadabra!" ...Nope, nothing. Better stick with the Claritin.

Scott Snyder
2) Almost all the villains in the Bible have red hair. Is this why we say gingers have no souls? I don't know, but it's fun to say that. Sorry, gingers. We love you anyway. I went red one time myself...and I loved it. Mwahahahaha.

3) Bambi was originally published in German. Arme kleine reh. That's probably wrong, but you'd be wrong too if it had been over a dozen years since your last German class. That you almost failed because language ain't really your thing unless it's English.

4) A squirrel cannot contract or carry the rabies virus.

5) Our fingers prune when exposed to water after a while because the prune effect gives us a better grip underwater.
Jose Bernalte

It's Friday. Go, be, do. Unless it's nasty in your neck of the woods, then just stay, sleep, and cuddle.