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A Wild Release Day

Good morning, good morning, good morning! You know what day it is? It's release day for Wildwood Spring! Yep, the day is here! Man, has this been one wild journey or what?

I didn't talk about Wildwood on this blog or Facebook as often as I talked about other novels I've written. Looking back, it seems like it wrote easily, but that wasn't quite the case. I had some serious moments of doubt during the writing process. It edges toward the gothic side of romance, something I'd never tried before. Plus throw in a hero with a tormented father, a heroine with a mysterious and none-too-glamorous past, a crew of odd, but lovable house staff, a house that's more museum than home, and a possessive bad guy, give it a shake and you've got Wildwood Spring.

I fell in love with Eureka Springs, Arkansas when I was just a kid. There's something magical (even though Turner Wildwood will tell you there's no such thing as magic) about the town and its surroundings that even entrepreneurial Victorian people noticed. There's no such thing as the Fountain of Youth, but it didn't stop those people from looking or believing the water cured their maladies. If Celia Landry hadn't tried everything to save her mother, even the slimmest chance that Wildwood Spring would hold a cure, she wouldn't have crossed paths with Turner. That's the message in the novel: hope is a living thing that can change the world.

Wildwood is my Beauty and the Beast-esque story where the hero isn't beastly, but he recognizes the beastliness of the world. It takes Celia's love to help change his view of it. I hope you all enjoy the oddities, the quirky characters, and the romance.

I have to thank some people for getting me through the adventure:
My editor, Amanda, for taking the chance on me, for loving this book as much as I do, and making my experience with Breathless a wonderful one.
D'Ann for encouraging me when I was ready to quit before I had much of a beginning.
Lisa for all her kind words and support.
Doug for two spontaneous trips south because I needed motivation beyond Google. Sorry for beating you at mini-golf, honey.
Mom, because she said anyone who didn't like Wildwood didn't know what they were talking about.
And everyone who supported my spectacular flop during SYTYCW (I know I can, I just didn't mesh with Harlequin).

See, fledgling novelists? One door closes, and there's always another waiting for you to walk through.

You can get it at: Breathless Press || All Romance eBooks || Amazon || Bookstrand

You can also add it on Goodreads