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The Friday Five - Valentine's Day, Someone Get Me A Cupcake

No, really. Cupcake. Now.

Okay, well, if you're not going to cooperate, I guess we'll have to move on. This isn't a government holiday, which is a real pity. What's even more of a pity is that some kids in school are going to participate in parties where they'll no doubt get candy...and I have none. Which brings me back to that cupcake. Damn, I really want a cupcake.

For your reading pleasure, Valentine's Day facts. Hopefully I'm not repeating these from other years. Just pretend like they're new if you see something familiar, okay?

1) There will be enough roses bought this year to circle the Earth 3.8 times. Damn, y'all, that's a lot of flowers.

2) 127 million pounds of candy (equivalent to the weight 6 Eiffel Towers) will be sold. You can bring it to my house.

3) Valentine is the patron saint of beekeeping, epilepsy, traveling, fainting, and of course, marriages and couples. His skull is on display in Rome and other bits of his skeleton are in Ireland, Scotland, England, the Czech, and France. So...Valentine's Day is kind of like Halloween too.

4) Prior to a poem Chaucer wrote in 1375, there was no mention of romantic celebrations in history. The poem states February 14 as Valentine's Day, when birds and humans find mates. The poem is called Parliament of Foules.

5) A love knot is the symbol of undying love. It has no beginning and no end. Or you know, you could just buy a ring. "Now place the ring on his hand. A ring is like a circle, it goes on forever. It's not like a triangle, triangle have corners. It's like a circle."* *Bonus points if you can name the movie.** **Bonus points don't qualify as real points and therefor earn you nothing.

Okay, just a couple reminders to go over before I let you go.

1) The Convict and the Cattleman is up for Best Cover at Cover Love. Vote for it here. Voting goes until February 24, so it's kind of important for you to click every day that you can.*bats eyelashes* Pretty please?

2) You can pre-order Wildwood Spring from Breathless Press by clicking here. It'll be delivered to you on February 28th. I promise, you'll find something to stir your feelings in this semi-Beauty and the Beast-ish tale.

Happy Valentine's Day, kids.


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