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Tweet, Tweet, Tweet (Please?)

Okeedokee, today we're doing things all backward and weird. Which is why I'm posting today. I have updates and reminders and I'm begging you to stop by my tour stops, and, you know, just throwing stuff out there.

I finished writing Reclaiming Her Heart. I think I mentioned that. I don't remember. So I'm ankles deep in edits (yeah, yeah, that should be eyeballs, but it's not), hoping to get it sent off to Lyrical by the middle of next month. It's not Hazel the Talking Robot's fault things are going so slow. I mean, she's boring as a snail race, but she's way more exciting than Anna the Talking Robot was. At least she pronounces most words correctly. I thought I would enjoy a nice break from writing, get a little editing done, but alas, my fingers have been nudging the keys to write more than edit the last couple of days. It the siren song of something new, of course, but the good news is, every chapter I edit in RHH, the more I like the story. So there's that.

The other thing is: there are only 4 days left to vote at Cover Love for The Convict and the Cattleman. I get a free month of advertising if you vote for me and you have to admit, the cover is fantastic. Why wouldn't you vote for it? You can do so here: Cover Love Poll

Wildwood Spring is coming out in 8 days. That's right, just 8 days! You can help spread the word by sharing the pre-order link from Breathless Press. I really hope you're all taken in by the magical and odd world of Wildwood Manor. You can pre-order it here: Breathless Press

You can tweet about it too. I made it easy for you. Just copy and paste, my friends!

When they face their fears, they'll find the path to true love. Available for pre-order today!

and/or you can also copy and paste this:

Show The Convict & the Cattleman a little #coverlove

I also have room on my blog tour for Wildwood. So if you have an empty slot on your blog, would you considering sharing a little space with me for a day? I don't eat much and hardly take up any room. I'll send you everything you need. You can sign up here: Wildwood Spring Blog Tour.

It's that easy, kids. And you have my eternal gratitude, which is worth its weight in gold. Okay, poop, but goat poop, which can be used as fertilizer, so it's worth something. I mean, if you could sell enough goat poop, you'd probably make some money, which equals out to you have my eternal gratitude, which is worth something.


  1. Done my talented friend. I'll hit you up if I ever get published.

    1. I will happily repay the favor WHEN you get publishing. :)

  2. Tweeted and voted (again). Good luck with your release!


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