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A Haunting We Will Go

On Saturday, March 15, we had really beautiful weather. Okay, it was kind of cloudy, as you'll see in the photographs, but it was warm and enjoyable compared to, you know, 90 feet of snow. It seemed as though spring was upon us at last (it wasn't, the lying cow).

So Saturday afternoon, we're trying to figure out how to spend the rest of the warm day when we decide to hit the road. To one of our favorite places ever--you guessed it, Eureka Springs, AR! Little did we know they were having a St. Patrick's Day parade. So when we turned to go downtown, we got stuck. And then something awful happened.

This is the courthouse built in 1908.
We had the windows rolled down because, well, I was hanging out of mine to take a picture of the courthouse and on the other side of the truck, it was a beautiful day. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a guy in a kilt on a horse charges out of the parade line, swinging a mace. He bolts toward the truck and slam! catches my husband in the eye with the mace, then rides away maniacally.

Okay, that didn't really happen. Actually, what happened was a guy in a Mustang (who may or may not have been wearing a kilt), threw beads at the truck and the beads caught my husband on the edge of the eye. He was not happy. He complained about it for like two hours. All I could say was, I know, it hurts when you get hit in the eye with anything. Anyway, I told him the rogue parade horseman was a way better story than the real story, so that's the one we're going with.

Some old buildings

It must be tourist season, the parking lot was crowded!

Do not play the piano, or else the ghosts will get you. See the orb
in the right corner a few inches above the carpet? Guard ghost on duty.

Patio furniture, anyone? It was a lovely day to sit outside.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church, built in 1880, finished in 1882

Doe, a deer, a that that's stuck in your head.

We saw a herd of small deer eating from yards.

The home of Carrie A. Nation, moved to Eureka Springs from Medicine Lodge, Kansas.
I've talked about Carrie Nation while doing blog posts on Wildwood Spring. She was anti-drinking to the point of going into saloons with a hatchet (thus the name Hatchet Hall) and breaking them apart. She lived in this house and rented rooms to widows and children.

This is Nation Spring, but as you can see, is boarded up so you can't get to the spring anymore. It's directly across from the house on a very narrow street. Husband was complaining because of how tight the streets are. Back in the day on a horse or with a buggy, it would have been a lot easier to navigate the road. He has no sense of adventure...except when I was all, go down a country road. And we went, and went, and went, and had no idea where we were going. I told him to turn around, but he was all, we're adventuring. Eventually we did turn around. It was scenic, but didn't really seem to go anywhere. Just to some houses and some cabins that were for sale. If they weren't so far off the beaten path, it seemed like a really good opportunity to buy cabins and rent them to tourists.

But what I really want to direct your attention to is this photo:

Doesn't look so special, does it? Just the back of the Crescent Hotel. Until you zoom up to the 3rd story window.

You still don't see it?

Oh, hai lady with a baby! Hai! guys don't look right...
Here they are as a negative. That's not a reflection of the trees, people.

I'll make this easy for you.
I didn't take that picture going, "hey, look, ghosts!" I was just snapping away, hoping for a ghostly encounter, because it only seems fair that I get an actual ghost instead of orbs. It wasn't until we got home and I uploaded the photos to my computer on zoom that I noticed the spectres. Then I got excited, because I've caught orbs with cameras, but never actual faces. Granted, they're a little short to be peering out that window, but when you think about it...ghosts don't necessarily have to bend to the rules we understand. I tried to make it bigger still, but of course, the more you zoom, the more distorted and pixelated it becomes.

So worth the trip down there. Not to mention I spent $8 at a gas station on scratcher tickets and won $26. That paid for the gas. The weather was great, the meal we had and ice cream after was great, the ghosts didn't seem to want to harm us (unless they actually made those beads flying into Husband's eye), so we made out okay. Let's don't talk about the sleet and snow that followed on Sunday. We'll pretend that didn't happen. From upper 60's to 20's with wintry mix overnight--ridiculous.

Have a happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. I love Eureka Springs. Can't walk it anymore cause of shitty knees. Love the old buildings hanging on cliffs, the narrow streets, the shops. They really need to update their sidewalks though. Accident waiting to happen. Thanks for the ghost pictures.

    1. I can't even get Doug out of the truck to walk on the crappy sidewalks. We pretty much just drive around. You should've seen both of us going up the stairs to the Sky Lounge--we're so out of shape, four flights of stairs almost killed us. We're pathetic.

  2. I have this weird urge to spend the night in room 218 and see if the ghost of Michael, the Irish stonemason who fell to his death, comes out to play.

    1. I would LOVE to stay in that room. One of these days I plan to do the ghost tour to get all that information you can't dig out on the internet.


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