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You may have noticed (although no one would blame you if you didn't) that it's been a while since we had a post. And today is Thursday, so that's got to really be messing with your mind. I thought I'd better keep that one fan updated, as for the rest of you, go on about your business.

You get it.
photos by: Gölin Doorneweerd - Swijnenburg & Alessandra Favetto
Things have been a little haywire lately. It throws everything else off. I haven't got a ton of writing done these last two weeks, which is unusual for me. I have been drinking more water, though. Proud? You should be.

I've been beta reading some really fantastic stuff. I just hope I help the ladies I'm reading for. At this rate, I feel like I'm losing my mind, so who even knows if I'm making sense when I comment on something.

Sorry I didn't schedule any guests to keep this week interesting. I'll work on that, but I've been busy trying to get blog posts done for Wildwood Spring and The Wrong Brother's Bride. My minion forgot to fill out my calender and it's hard to keep track of what post goes where if you don't write that stuff down, minion. Oh, wait. I don't have a minion--that'll do it every time.

One thing that's super-duper awesome though is that my friend Wanda Fittro signed a contract with Breathless Press for her contemporary romance Beyond the Horizon. I'm so happy for her, because she worked hard to get that book into tip-top shape.

That's all I know, kids. Go, be, do (better than me).


  1. Yay, Wanda! And YAYto you for beta reading. It's HARD doing it all, but you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work :D


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