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Lucky in Love Blog Hop

Good morning, people of the world! Unless it's not morning where you are, then...good whatever time it is where you are!

You're just in time to help me celebrate the Lucky in Love Blog Hop hosted by the fine folks at Breathless Press. There are prizes, yes there are. A gift card from them and...wait for it... Your very own, one of a kind,  100%, grown from my very own yard* and mounted in plastic so it will never crumble and be destroyed FOUR-LEAF CLOVER!

*I find most of them in my yard, but I've found a few when I was out walking. I don't keep them separate because that's just silly. But on my (somewhat questionable but not about this) honor, it is a real and true four-leaf clover found by me and hoarded because I need all the luck I can get.

Yes, I will send one lucky** person a four-leaf clover just for commenting here between today and St. Patrick's Day.

**I cannot guarantee the actual luckiness of the four-leaf clover. I may have used all the luck out of it. Sorry. But it's still pretty and unique!

As for luck, in my newest release Wildwood Spring, Turner Wildwood is wondering what really brought Celia Landry into his life. Luck or fate? Here's an excerpt to help you decide.

They settled on the sled and Turner pushed them off. He held her tightly, prepared to use the excuse that he didn't want her to fall if she protested. Cold wind made it hard to breathe, but it was worth the thrill of speeding down the slope.

At the bottom they hit a bump and the sled flew out from beneath them. Celia squealed when they landed, her on top of him. The air rushed out of his lungs and he gasped for breath.

"Are you all right?" She turned, placing her hands on his coat. She sat across his legs, twisted so her stomach pressed against his.

"Fine, just winded. You?"

Celia laughed, her voice loud and clear in the frosty evening. "In perfect condition."

"I'm relieved to hear it." He shivered as snow fell into his collar and dampened his hair. "I'd forgotten how dangerous this can be."

"Oh, let me get up. You're sure you're not hurt?"

He gave her a solemn look. "I think the bruised ego is fatal. At least I was able to catch you. That's worth a few bumps."

The laughter on her face slipped away. She straightened, but Turner wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. She yanked off one glove and pressed her hand to his cheek.

He lifted his head, ignoring the snow pushing under his collar. His blood felt hot enough to melt a pool around them. She couldn't know how beautiful she looked with bits of snow clinging in her hair and a flush covering her face. Privilege afforded him many things, but never dropped a woman like Celia into his life. Whether it was luck or fate remained a mystery. His lips touched hers—soft, warm, pliable. For a second, she stiffened, but her surprised faded and she leaned on him, her bare fingers caressing his face.

The faint taste of bergamot lingered on her lips—like him, she must've had Earl Grey this afternoon. She was everything right in the world, smiling despite her loss, brightening Wildwood after its long years of darkness. Livening his heart. He would have laid in the snow until spring, letting her kiss him if she hadn't drawn back.

The blurb:

No one goes to Wildwood Manor, a hulking stone house on a hill outside town. Legend has it crazy old man Wildwood owes his life to the magical water of the spring at the back of the property. Celia Landry needs that water to save her mother, and she’ll brave anything to get it.

Turner Wildwood, the son of the house’s eccentric builder, is growing as reclusive as his father. When Celia turns up at his door, he’s drawn by her beauty and bravery. Wary of strangers, he doesn’t reveal his identity, but agrees to her request. When she returns to Wildwood in wake of personal tragedy, he's waiting there with a stunning change in his heart. He knows he should tell her the truth, but he doesn't want to ruin their budding friendship.

Celia's curiosity leads her to part of the frightening answers hidden behind Wildwood's doors, but her own troubled past may lead Turner into danger neither of them suspected.
Get it at Breathless Press || Amazon || ARe || Bookstrand

To win the gift card from Breathless Press, you need to hit up the BP blog and leave a comment there. Be sure to see the list of other authors who'll no doubt have more great posts!

To win a four-leaf clover from me, you need to leave a comment and your e-mail address here.

Got it? Okay! Best of luck to you!


  1. Giggles- I have never found a four leaf clover!. LOL


  2. I used to have a ton of four leaf clovers, but when I moved 4 times in two years (yay military) I lost a good deal of them. I think the only one left is a pressed, laminated one in my husband's wallet I sent to him while he was in boot camp.

  3. when little i found one and created a little pendant to put it in it and offer it^^;; spreading teh luck ;)


  4. Great excerpt :) I don't think I have ever found a four leaf clover, hope you got some luck from yours before you give it away! x

  5. Your story sounds so romantic! I like Turner already. Thanks for hopping with us! diannewrites2(at)

  6. My Mother has a four leaf clover, that she found as a child, pressed in the family Bible. Both are fragile.


  7. In my old neighborhood, my best friend has a patch of clover in her yard where you could find the illusive four-leaf clover. I think the only reason I don't use weed killer on my lawn is because of clover. I love it!

  8. What a gentle story. :) Oh, I've never seen a four-leaf clover.

  9. I would love a four leaf clover, count me in!


  10. Sounds fun

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com


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