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Guest Post & Book Spotlight - Deadra F. Kreiger

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Deadra F. Kreiger today. Her bark's way worse than her bite, although I admit, I was really curious about what she'd come up with in this post, because I was warned that she can get pretty wild. I think you'll enjoy it!

Hello, and thanks for joining us. I also want to thank Allison for allowing me to play on her blog. Poor dear, she's never hosted me before and had no idea what she was agreeing too, so I'll try my best to behave. Allison asked me to talk about my writing style, and it caused me to think so hard, I sat in a corner with glassy eyes until one of my cats popped me in the face with a paw just to be sure their main source of food wasn't dead. The cat was kind enough not to use claws. Thank the gods for small favors. Anyhoo, back on topic.

My writing style can be described as a very intricate process called Anything Goes. Most writers find a genre and stick with it. Apparently, some little voice in my head snorted at the idea and said very, very naughty words about being constrained. I've written everything from sci-fi virtual reality to contemporary military, Native American (pre-settlers) to space pirates. I've written menage, married, and books with nothing more than a kiss for romance. The only thing I seem to do consistently is torture my characters. In Virtual Code: Infinity Love my heroine is creating a virtual reality program to help her cope with the death of her husband. In The Publisher's Proposal I scare my BDSM, lesbian heroine into believing her lover will leave her for her boss. My story releasing today, Wolves and Warrants, has murder, suspense, and angst up the wazoo.

I know I tend to instill humor in my stories, and often my female characters are snarky. A good deal of my characters have suffered from some form of personal loss that causes them to hide behind sarcasm to shield the wounds. My girls are never naive wilting flowers waiting to be rescued, and my men can walk a line between dominant and compassionate that sometimes makes me want to smack them around. I guess when it comes to my writing style, my best guess is to say, "I write what resonates with me at the moment. I write to voice the pains and pleasures of my soul to the world. I write to share a little piece of what I hold dear. I like to think my writing accurately reflects that."

For the Faxfire Series, my writing style is dark, snarky, and compassionate, all wrapped up in a zoologist and her cat.


About the book:
Once you've discovered the Hidden World, you become part of it.

It was frightening at first, being overcome by this strange, invisible entity, but it was also empowering. The power was greater than Zeara, yet completely at her disposal, and she knew just what to do with it.

There is no rest for the weary as Zeara, Jake, and Magic are called upon by the very organization that threatened their lives. A murder investigation must take place in a local little town, but no one is quite sure who or what is dead, and why. It's up to the team to place all the puzzle pieces when people start dying. The problem is, the local sheriff doesn't want to cooperate and their most promising link to solving the case is in a psych ward. Can they solve it before another life is lost?

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