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The Wrong Brother's Bride Release Day!

It must be release day because it's April 7. You guy remember my excitement when The Convict and the Cattleman came out. That novel that was crammed into the darkest recesses of my flash drive only to be pulled out, dust off, and bam! get a contract.

I hadn't written historical fiction in years, had no idea where to go when I decided I wanted to keep writing them. I began The Wrong Brother's Bride shortly after I got the first contract and the more I thought about it, the stronger the urge to set it in Wilson township, Missouri pulled at me.

I'm extremely satisfied with the decision and I'm even happier to tell you all that a follow-up novel is coming out next year from Lyrical Press in the same setting and with a scene that features Loyal and August. So I hope you enjoy this book, because I think you'll like the inclusion of the O'Dells in Reclaiming Her Heart.

As usual, there are some thank-yous to pass around.

To the fine folks at Lyrical Press, for taking a second chance on me, even though this historical is set on the other side of the world from The Convict and the Cattleman.

To my ORAian peeps, who sat through the first chapter and didn't shake their heads in shock and awe as sometimes happens.

Mom, of course, who reads everything. My poor husband, who suffers through listening to me talk about characters and plots, and allows me to drag him to Wilson's Creek repeatedly.

To poor PeeWee, who pouted and laid his head on the keyboard trying to get some attention because I was working on a second novel while writing this one. I hope those new squeaky balls made up for it.

Now, you can order the book at:


Don't forget to check out the Pinterest board dedicated to the book. You'll find photos that inspired it the story and quotes from the novel.

You can also read the first chapter at Wattpad. I'll be posting my guest blog posts there after they feature at the original blog sites later in the month, so they'll all be in one convenient place.

I hope your Monday is super!


  1. Congrats! Are you trying to break some kind of record for number of books released in a year?

  2. No kidding! You're having quite the year! Go, Allison!

  3. Getting to be old hat, isn't it? I imagine people whispering, "Show off." Don't worry, only one more to go this year.

  4. Way to go, Allie!!! Proud of you!


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