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It is Tuesday. I am exhausted. Please enjoy this photograph of two white ducks fleeing from my camera.

Silly ducks.

Let's recap why I'm exhausted. Number 1--two words: line edits. That's all I have to say about that.

Number 2--Let's go on a picnic to Wilson's Creek. It'll be fun, I said. And it was fun, until on the way back from a long hike, a hill tried to murder me. It seemed so easy on the way down. I'm pretty sure it rose to mountain-like proportions on the way up. I had to stop twice because my lungs were rebelling and my legs were screaming in protest. When you consider I haven't been on a long walk in a couple of years, I did marvelous. But that hill was inclined to murder. Get it, inclined? Ha! At least I still have my sense of humor. I've eaten a generic toaster pastry and a half and feel almost human again this morning except for the really bad pain in my right hip.

It was Memorial Day weekend, as you may well know, so we spent a little time cemetery hopping. We went to the cemetery where my dad and grandma (and many other family members) are buried. We went to two other cemeteries were other family members are buried. We went to my husband's side of the family's cemeteries.

You know I love names. Names make you who you are, at least partially, so I was thrilled to find horrendous names on tombstones like:

Elector (this is a woman's name)

Wow. Old timey people sure seemed to dislike their children. Look for some of these names in historicals I may write in the future. Oh, a heroine named Mintamae. Yeah...

But the kicker is this:

I hear you saying, "Yeah, it's a cemetery, so what? Is someone famous buried there? Is there treasure?"

No, 'fraid not. It's a cemetery inside a cemetery where (gasp, no!) some of my relatives are buried. They had it raised and fenced off so others (translate: people who aren't good enough) couldn't walk on their graves. My mom said my great-grandma used to have fits because the people who did that thought they were so much better than everyone else.

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Happy Tuesday!