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Friday Feature - Promise Me Eden by D'Ann Lindun

For the Friday Feature, I have D'Ann Lindun, who's a very good friend and critique partner. I loved this book, it has so many emotional ups and downs. I hope you all enjoy this scene she's letting us look at today!

Her black jeans fell open. He kicked off his boots.
He splayed his hand across her flat belly, and it gave him momentary pause. But his pulsing erection pushed him forward, and his slid his palm down her stomach, under her panties and into the silky curls between her legs. Dipping his middle finger into her wet center, he pressed deep. Until she moaned into his mouth and her hips rocked in a steady rhythm with the tune he set.
He took his mouth from hers and dipped it to a nipple. He sucked deep, and her vagina clenched in orgasm. Her scream pierced his eardrums before she sagged against him, her nipples pressing like twin shards against his chest. “My God.”
He smoothed her hair away from her face. “Good?”
She ducked her head into his chest. “Yeah.”
A low chuckle rumbled out of him.
Slipping to the floor, still caught between his legs, she reached for his fly. Shimmying, he helped her tug off his jeans. He kicked them aside, uncaring where they landed.
 “Do you have a rubber?”
 “Yeah. I’ll go get ’em,” he said in a guttural voice.
She didn’t have to ask twice. Adam hustled into the kitchen where he’d dropped the grocery bag with the coffee and condoms. Grabbing the box, he ripped it open, grabbed two foil packets and carried them back into the living room. He stopped at the stereo system and turned on the CD player. Soft country music filled the air.
Maura lay splayed across the couch, her legs open. “Come here.”
He obeyed, opening one of the foil wrapped condoms as he crossed the room. Already sheathed, he moved between her parted thighs. He braced on his elbows, keeping his weight off her, and kissed her again. The tip of his erection moved against her slick opening.
 “Love me,” she pleaded.
He closed his eyes and moved his mouth to her ear. “I’ve waited so long.”
 “No more waiting.” She urged him to mount her with her hands on his hips. “Now, Adam, now.”
 “I want you, baby.” He pressed forward, heaven waited. “Sweet Eden.”
 She shoved his chest. “Eden? What the hell?”
His eyes flew open and reality crashed over him. This wasn’t Eden. It was Maura. “Maura. I meant Maura.”
Moments before her eyes had been filled with desire. Now they were filled with anger and hurt. “The hell you say.”
She shoved him again, and he stood, erection fading fast. “I know who you are.”
She climbed to her feet and crossed her arms over her chest. With her dark, curly hair tumbling around her pale shoulders and her eyes flashing, she looked like a goddess. But he didn’t want her. He desired his wife. “Do you, Adam? Because as long as I can remember, it’s been Eden you want. Not me.”
 He stood silent because he couldn’t deny it. Maura was a beautiful girl, but she wasn’t the one he wanted. “I’ll drive you home.”

This scene From Promise Me Eden was one of the most difficult of the book. Although there are several that were hard to get down, this one was one of the toughest because I was trying to show Adam in several lights.

One: he’s still a man, and a young man to boot. His wife hasn’t slept with him for months because she’s in the throes of deep depression. He misses physical contact.

Two: he still loves his wife. When he calls her name instead of Maura’s, I want the reader to see who he loves. Even though Eden has left him, he wants only her.

Three: he respects women. Even though he’s being a bit of a pig here, he truly loves his wife. He also likes Maura. They remain friendly in the book.

Did I succeed? Get across Adam as I see him?

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