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The Fire I Can't Put Out

A couple of weeks ago, my awesome friend and critique partner, D'Ann Lindun, sent me a PM on Facebook. Did I want to go in with her and some other authors on a box set?

Did I?


You may recall that I started work on a contemporary western romance at the beginning of year. It's gone a whole lot of n-o-w-h-e-r-e. Which is odd (sort of) because I've really enjoyed working on it. On the other hand, I've completed zero other projects this year, so it's not like one book going nowhere is a total shocker. I've been avoiding talking about my writing because it seems like talking about it just makes everything slllloooowwww down.

So I came up with a totally new idea for this 20k masterpiece for a multi-author anthology of contemporary western wonder and I'm over halfway done with it now. And now I'm talking about it.


Writing a book is kind of like this gif. It starts with a flame and gradually, all the wax melts away until you've got this (warning: it may be rather bad) novel in hand. Like that little flame, the story melts down, revealing the plot details, the characters' lives, and finally reaches an ending. It might be an emergency candle that burns for hours, or it might go up like a diesel/motor oil combination. Either way, it's a fire and no one but you can wield an extinguisher.

It never ceases to amaze me how a blank document goes to one filled with words, with realistic characters, feels, and happily-ever-afters. Never let anyone tell you people don't have magic. Book writing is magic, 100%. All my previous attempts to write a novel in a month have flopped. Maybe writing a novella can pull me out of the slump. I've got my candle lit.

My current heroine has vomited on the shoes of the man interviewing her. My hero loves his dogs. There are bulls, a marriage proposal gone awry, a fist fight, some hanky panky, and soon, THE END. Much as I'm enjoying writing this, I'll be glad to get another one finished (even if it is an novella). We're talking about a release date for September 1. I'll keep you posted.

And well, this:

I should really think about
investing in some lipstick.

Because I was either enjoying the hell out of that chetzel dog (nacho cheese pretzel hot dog), there was something really great going on behind the photographer, or I was receiving divine inspiration from above. (It was the chetzel dog. Let's be serious.)


  1. Send me some of your fire, lol. I have story ideas but no oomph to write them down.


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