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The Wrong Brother's Bride Review Tour Wrap-Up

I needed a review tour. I needed folks willing to read my book and say nice things about it. So just to beep my own horn, I'm posting links to those really lovely reviews from my tour with The Wrong Brother's Bride. I have to give huge thanks to everyone who help promote it and the people who reviewed it. The book-o-sphere is a fantastically magical place on the internet.

My first review spot was on Imagine a World where I scored four roses and got nice compliments like, "The plot was well paced and I was kept interested the entire way through. I really enjoyed the sweet story and the ending was lovely."

The next review stop was Battery Operated Book Blog, where we hit five nubs on the battery--or I guess you could say it was fully charged. She had nice things to say like, " You will find yourself talking out loud saying things like "nooooo" and "awww ... he loves her!!!" It was a great review.

Up after that was a review at Crystal's Many Reviews. Tbird had this to say about it, "I will start off by saying historical romance is not my personal favorite genre but this book made me rethink my feelings.  The Wrong Brother’s Bride was written in a way that made me forget the time era it was set in and captured my attention with characters that were not only interesting but connectable to the reader and two people I could invest my heart in." We got four little reading guys for that!

Then we had a review at Crazy Four Books where Brenda said, "If every historical romance was written like this I'd probably read more of them." There weren't any little icons or anything, but the words were more than enough to let me know she enjoyed it!

At Rythempoets, we hit on a 4 out of 5 from author Holly Hunt. Woohoo!

At Ramblings of a Book Lunatic, the reviewer isn't keen on historicals, but she had only nice things to say, "The story line was very believable, and the characters very well written and likeable." We got 4 stars!

And we got 4 and a half motorcycles from Harlie's Books and a great quote. "I highly recommend picking up The Wrong Brother’s Bride.  Ms. Merritt wrote a beautiful second chance/marriage of convenience story that will have you flipping the pages to find the HEA."

Kel from Literary Nook put this review tour together for me. She did a fantastic job with the banner and arranging everything. I give her five stars as a blog tour owner. If you're looking for someone to arrange a tour for you, definitely check her out! The prices are right and she's great about checking in with bloggers and rescheduling if it's needed.


  1. Fantastic!! Congrats on all the awesome reviews!

  2. Woohoo! It's definitely a hit. :) Congrats, girl.


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