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Finally a Finish

On the last episode of "What's Allison Up To (I Bet It's Not Writing)?", you saw us at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. There's been a lot happen since then.

I had a doctor's appointment last week where he none-too-casually says, "Yup, that's carpal tunnel." And also he said something that made me laugh. Or at least, I wanted to laugh when he said, "I'm sure you think it's severe" and I'm going, so you're saying it's not severe, I just think it is, because that's what I really wanted to hear. I kind of almost wanted him to tell me I was crazy and fine. Sadly, he didn't. Anyway, it's bad, but it's not bad-bad-bad, so that's good. He didn't say, "Stay away from computers, lady", so that's both good and bad. What's so bad-bad about it is that it is in both hands, which makes for really awkward sleepy night-night time (that's what I call bedtime when I'm talking to PeeWee). See, they tell you to wear these huge gobbing braces to prevent flexion of the wrists at night. And to be honest, the braces work wonders. Since last Wednesday, I haven't had numb hands, which is really handy (pun!) when I'm trying to slide the alarm turner-offer on my phone to shut the alarm up. I can't blame zombie fingers for dropping the phone any more in the mornings. When it happens now, it's because I'm just a klutz. I'm supposed to have a nerve test and then go back next month, although I can honestly assure them I definitely know my nerves work when I smash the crap out of my fingers (figuratively, not literally, because ewww).

As you all know, I've been working semi-hard on the contemporary western romance for the box set my friend D'Ann invited me to write. Well, Friday night, I sat at home and wrote my little heart out only to stop shy of my word count goal of 20k by about 1500 words. Saturday, my car (gee, not my car!) needed some work (it was trying to overheat and spewing anti-freeze everywhere) needed some work, so while the spousal unit did that, I finished Always, Cowboy.

I haven't read through it, haven't done any editing, haven't done anything except plowed ahead writing. It probably doesn't make sense. I know it could use another scene to clear up some stuff that happened toward the end. I'm going to go over it, check for consistencies, but woohoo! I finally managed to finish something else this year. I'm even 5,000 words ahead of the word count goal on the word tracker program this year. Yay!

Now, if I could wrangle Tell into behaving and getting finished, we'd really be on to something.