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First Friday, Anyone?

When I'm not busy being a weepy pile of I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing, I'm doing things like this:

I'm kind of starting to loathe that photo of me. I should really stop looking at it.

So this is going down Friday night from 7 to 10 p.m. on August 1st. We'll be at Arts & Letters, a place I can honestly say I've never been to because I don't frequent downtown Springfield often. Downtown is an interesting place and chalk full of neat things to see, but I'm scared to go there alone. I will walk miles in the woods, but I'm terrified of the concrete jungle. Anyway, because Arts & Letters is a gallery, I have the suspicion that it's well-lit and there will be plenty of people I know. As long as I stay away from dark alleys, I should be fine.

You know about me (and way too much about my neurotic tendencies), so let's learn about those other faces shining out of that banner, shall we?

About Ellen Harger:
I’m a word gypsy and emotion sifter, writing about broken condoms, unhappy marriages and women’s issues at the chick-lit end of women’s fiction and women’s fiction end of chick-lit.

I believe great storytelling asks readers to confront what they've stuffed deep down. We all get blinded by emotion and stuck in ruts. In June 2005, I woke up to a wall of fire. Watching the flames eat away my life was my biggest turning point in life.

My first novel Strong Enough released February 2013. My sophomore work, The Anonymous Blog of Mrs. Jones, debuted in July.

About Wanda Kay Fittro:
Wanda Kay Fittro lives in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Southwest Missouri. Born and raised in a small town community, gave her an appreciation for that lifestyle, and provides the inspiration for her novels. A love affair with books started early on while reading Nancy Drew by flashlight under the bed covers. She won the prestigious Missouri Literary Festival Reader's Choice award in 2011 for her Civil War short story One, Two, Three.

About Beth Carter:
Beth Carter writes in many genres but has had a long-standing goal of writing a novel. Her dreams are coming true this summer with her new release, THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS. This women's fiction is filled with characters you'll love and some you'll love to hate. Her novel is laced with humor, suspense, and of course, romance.

Carter also writes children's picture books, short stories and haiku. She's also at work on a non-fiction book.

Previously a bank vice president and former marketer, she happily shed her corporate suits and heels to write from home.

We also have an event page if you want to tell us you're coming. There will be candy. Lots of candy. And there are boobies on one of my book covers, so there's that.

Adding a Google map is beyond my magic, so you're on your own to find it, but I hope we have a good turnout. Art Walk apparently (see, I've never been to this either) incorporates lots of art and walking around downtown. It sounds fun, even if I'll be at a table most of the night. A table covered with candy and book covers (there's nothing better). Flock to us, bibliophiles.