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Guest Post - The Top 10 with Wanda Kay Fittro

I have another great author friend with a new release. Welcome Wanda Kay Fittro (her book is special because it came out on my birthday. And it's also a great read!)

Thanks Allison for letting me take over your blog today. I hope all your readers aren't too disappointed.

Let's get the self promotion out of the way and then to the fun stuff.

My debut contemporary romance novel is now out and about. Beyond The Horizon is available  here from my publisher Breathless Press and here from Amazon (check out the great reviews I've received so far) and soon from Barnes and Noble.

Here's the blurb:

When Katie Sullivan makes the hasty decision to run away from an abusive relationship, she has no clue what is ahead of her. She only knows it has to be better than her life up to now. Her boyfriend is a powerful drug dealer who will stop at nothing to get her back. She knows too much. Car trouble leaves her stranded in the middle of Kansas, with little money, and a growing fear of failure.

Widower Josh Warner works and lives on an elderly couples’ farm. He juggles the responsibilities of raising his young son and his passion for the rodeo. Unable to let go of his deceased wife’s memory and on the rebound from a misguided affair, he has no desire for another relationship. But, when Katie appears out of nowhere, everything changes.

Against all reason, Katie and Josh find themselves drawn to each other. If the past catches up to them, their newfound passion, and their lives could be in jeopardy. Can their love win against the evil headed their way?

Now the fun stuff. I was asked to make a top ten list by another blog, but it never got posted.

They probably wanted serious writerly top ten stuff and I went the other way.

I love David Letterman's Top Ten Lists, especially when they poke fun at politicians or famous people who do stupid things. When it was suggested I write one, I jumped at the chance. Seems like a simple premise. After all, Letterman's staff comes up with one every day. Turns out, it's not that easy. Then again, writing isn't a walk in the park either. So here goes. I hope you enjoy.

Top Ten Reasons I Became a Writer

10. You can stay in your pajamas all day.

9. People will think you're rich and famous even though you can only afford Ramen Noodles.

8. You can be a heavy drinker and people will think it's just part of the creative process.

7. The dark circles under your eyes are acceptable because you stare at a computer screen all day.

6. Everyone thinks you are a great speller but you would be lost without spell check.

5. If you're a romance author, writing erotic sex scenes is expected and encouraged.

4. You can deduct things like paper and ink off your taxes.

3. It's okay to look up murder weapons on Google.

2. You are allowed to hear voices in your head without being labeled insane.

And the number one reason I became a writer

1. I've got nothing better to do.

Wanda Kay Fittro lives in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Southwest Missouri. Born and raised in a small town community, gave her an appreciation for that lifestyle, and provides the inspiration for her novels. A love affair with books started early on while reading Nancy Drew by flashlight under the bed covers. She won the prestigious Missouri Literary Festival Reader's Choice award in 2011 for her Civil War short story One, Two, Three.

You can find and follow her at:


  1. Wow, Wanda, your book sounds awesome! I'm buying it today.
    Love your reasons for being a writer--lol, and they are true.

  2. Thanks Brenda! I hope you like it. And thanks for stopping by!


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