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The Long, Lovely Weekend

It was a 3-day, so of course it was better than a regular weekend right off.

Friday morning, I slept in, but I got up earlier than the spousal unit to do some editing. His parents came to mow our yard and we had a little picnic down by the school. After, we met up with my side of the family for some fireworks and a cookout. There were dipped strawberries involved that were to die for. I did get a little burn from the Poopy Puppy firework I set off, but I'm okay, never fear. We took the PW Monster as well and he was a little freaked out by the very loud fireworks, but I was proud of him because he stayed quiet. He slept the whole way to Mom's house as we ventured up the road to spend the night so we could clean out her barn the next day. That went surprisingly fast, and after, we headed up to Pomme de Terre to watch their firework show. I'm sad to say, that show wasn't all that impressive. I'm sure they tried, bless them. It was a beautiful evening for sitting out and watching the lake though.

Then just out of the blue, we decided to go to Ha Ha Tonka State Park on Lake of the Ozarks the next day. The house on the left was built by Robert M. Snyder, who owned 5,000 acres of land, including the settlement of Ha Ha Tonka (which supposedly means "laughing waters"). Construction started in 1905, but Snyder died in one of Missouri's first automobile accidents and the house wasn't completed until 1922. It was far less extravagant than he planned. It burned in 1942, along with the carriage house. You can click here to see photos of it on fire and what it looked like inside before the fire.

This is the water tower that provided water for the estate.
Also, servants lived in the lower levels, I think. It burned
in 1976. Thanks, vandals. 

Because I have some kind of sick obsession with gristmills, I took a photo of one of the grind stones from the mill that was here. They tore it down when they built Lake of the Ozarks.

My husband sitting in a window, looking down at a big
hole below the window. If you fell in there, you'd never
get out. Except in the extremely embarrassing instance
that you called a park ranger for help.
Crane Creek at the park in Crane, Mo. We drove around trying to
find a place that would make us a sub sandwich. We had to
hit three different gas stations and finally wound up here
on Thursday evening.

There was a huge snapping turtle in the water and a bunch
of brown trout. The water is frigid!