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Click Some Links, Do Some Things

First off: Good news!

I signed the contract with Samhain Publishing for Eban (The Heckmasters, Book 2) on Monday morning. I want to do the evil villain laugh every time I think about someone reading it, because it's so dark and yet at the heart, it's still a romance. I can't wait for you all to get your little hands on it. My editor said she stayed up late the night she read it because she couldn't put it down. I love reading those words. So look for Eban in April of 2015!


My former editor at Breathless is hosting a book giveaway of Wildwood Spring. You could win, all you have to do is enter! Go here to do that!


I'm looking for hosts for when Wystan (The Heckmaster, Book 1) comes out. You got a spot for me? I can guest blog, or send the stuff for a book feature, or if you have time, I can set you up with a copy to review. Just click here.

Now, it's Friday. Go, be, do.


  1. Happy to host you. My blog is here: I hosted Ellen and we had a great time. It doesn't get oodles of traffic (a vague disclaimer is nobody's friend) but it does get some people outside of the ORA circle. If you're game, send a review copy so I can ask better questions.

  2. Oh, and I had 76 visitors the day Ellen stopped by!


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