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Paws for the Cause

Hey, y'all.

Remember last week when I talked about PeeWee's hurt neck? I was really distraught the day we took him to the vet because I just knew they were going give me bad news. She thought it was a soft tissue injury and prescribed him some high-dollar pills right when I was on the verge of selling my soul to make sure he'd be all right, because he's only six (based on what the people at the shelter thought four years ago) and he's just a baby and I made him swear he would outlive me. He's okay now, obviously feeling the best he's felt in a long time, because holy moly, I can't get him to slow down. He was tearing back and forth across my mom's living room and terrorizing my brother's dog all weekend. He's better and I'm so, so glad.

How can you not want
to cuddle with Billy Bob?
Now let me introduce you to Billy Bob. I'm friends on FB with his brother Oliver J. Chin, who owns Donna Vardaros (you guys know why I say they own her, not the other way around, right?). Well, Billy Bob was her and her husband's first chin and he's very special. Like my PW Monster, Billy Bob is in the peak of his life, but he has a hip injury from his time in the puppy mill (boo, hiss, puppy mills!).

Billy Bob's injury causes him pain and pins and needles in his leg. Donna says he chews on it because he's trying to get the feeling to come back in. Ugh, you guys know how annoying pins and needles are, not to mention that pain is no fun either.

They've tried a lot of treatments for him over the last five years, including:
-Laser treatments (3 times)
- Neurontin
- Anti-inflammatory drugs
- Pain meds
- Glucosomine and fish oil

This stuff isn't working. So they started looking into stem cell treatment. They gathered enough information and watched the results on other dogs. And when the results looked good, they started thinking maybe this is the treatment that will help ease Billy Bob's suffering.

You can see in the image of his x-ray how his little hip bone doesn't look right. It looks like it hurts pretty bad to me.

And whether you're a chin owner (if you're not, you're really missing out) or a dog owner or own a pet of any kind, you understand that your pet is family. You'd do anything to keep your family from suffering.

Donna hated to ask anyone for money, because there are so many fundraisers out there and it seems selfish to ask people for money when times are hard all around. Sometimes you have to let pride go and see about alternatives. She's already raising money for Billy Bob, people are seeing the posts about him, but they still have a long way to go.

The stem cell treatments aren't cheap. I wanted you all to see the breakdown so you know what Vardaros family is facing.

$2400    for the initial treatment (it's scheduled for this Thursday!). They pull enough stem cells to put some in the bank for future treatments.
$185      to the cell bank for opening an account.  
$150/yr  to store in cell bank
$200      to pull cells from the bank
$400      Approx. additional procedure or more depending on the cost at that time

Now, I know because this is the world we live in, you're going, what if this is a scam? Maybe they're gonna buy a ton of candy bars with the money instead of treatment. First of all--pssssh. That's just ridiculous. If you knew the community of chin owners, you'd know how super dedicated we are to our furbabies. And especially the Vardaros family. I mean, look at these babies on her couch:

This is a house filled with sassy, you can tell.
Second, you don't have to donate on the fundraiser page. You can directly contact the vet at:
Animal Hospital of Towne Lake
3105 Parkbrooke Circle
Woodstock, GA 30189
(770) 591-9500

UPDATE: Because of the fee the fundraiser page charges, it would actually be better if you could call the vet's office. That way Billy Bob's family gets 100% of your donation!

Here's the link to the fundraiser page and here's one to the group page where you can get updates about Billy Bob.

And here are more photos of him because he's utterly adorable and you wish you had him on your lap right now.

This is when he first came to live with the Vardaros.
Look at that sweet baby face.
Even a little bit helps, so please make a donation for this sweetie today! He will send you virtual internet licks a millions times a day for the rest of your life.


  1. OMG Allison, thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3
    Tears are rolling.

    1. I'm happy to help! Chins are so special and the chin owners' community is a wonderful place.


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