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The Little Things

Sometimes you have to be grateful for the little things in life. Like:

  • Doggy kisses.
  • Significant other kisses.
  • Shoes that are easy to slip on and off.
  • A pen that works when you need it.
  • Funny memes.
I mention doggy kisses because last week PeeWee scared the ever-loving tar out of me by making horrible screeching sounds an animal of his size shouldn't ever make. Turns out he'd hurt his neck. One expensive vet visit later, he's doped up on some muscle relaxers and pain meds. And it's pretty funny. But I practically cried all the way to the vet's office because my furbaby was in awful pain and I was half expecting the diagnosis to be bad. Bad like, "we can't fix your dog". Fortunately, he seems to be recovering, acting like his usual goofy self.

Also, sometimes I look at my husband and I think, "I really love you". Like unfathomable amounts.

And I hate wearing shoes at work, so taking them off is nice.

And pens always come in handy.

And sometimes I need a soul-bolstering laugh that only a funny meme can provide.

On top of that, I made the decision to cut my word count back on the historical novel I'm writing. I feel better about it and not only that, but now I'm halfway finished. Woohoo! It's not a finish, but it's closer than I was even a few weeks ago. That feels good.

On top of that top, I also got a goodly chunk of Tell done in the last couple of days. Things are moving right along.

I'm kind of waiting for the universe to smack me in the face now, what with all this good going on, but if it does, at least I have funny memes to fall back on.


  1. So glad PeeWee is okay.
    Yep, sometimes we just need a good laugh. Always remember the shrimp.


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