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Book Feature - Desperate Hearts by Roseann Bittner

Rosanne’s Website | BlogFacebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Google+ | PinterestBuy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooksGenre: Historical Western RomanceRelease Date: September 2, 2014Length: 384 PagesSHE’S A WOMAN WITH A SECRET
Elizabeth Wainwright is on the run. Accused of a murder she didn’t commit, she has no choice but to cut ties with her old life and flee West. The last thing she wants is attention, but when her stagecoach is attacked, she suddenly finds herself under the fierce protection of one of Montana’s famed vigilantes…whether she likes it or not.

Lawman Mitch Brady is sworn to uphold justice in the wild lands of 1860’s Montana. He’s never met a man he’s feared, and he’s never met a woman more desperately in need of his help. Something’s shaken the secretive Elizabeth, but as he gets to know the beautiful city belle, he finds the only thing he wants more than her safety…is her trust.

“I really don’t want to dance,” Elizabeth prot…

Bubble Brain

Something stupid happened to me last week. That something stupid is: Me. Seriously, I'm like a hazard to myself. I lost my SD card. The one with everything I've written this year on it. Including that sooper sekrit thing I'm working on, the historical I've been slaving over since the beginning of the year, and Tell.

You know that saying: If she had a brain, she'd be dangerous? They wrote that in anticipation of me.

I found a back up of the historical that's only missing one chapter. I've been emailing the sooper sekrit to my critique partner, so I only lost about 1500-1700 words on it, and...I only have a really old version of Tell. The one before I deleted more than half of it and started rewriting.

For safety's sake, I think I should be locked in a plastic bubble so I never lose anything. Everything would be in the bubble. Oh, there it is! I didn't lose anything, because it's here in the bubble with me.

I swear. So while I intended NaNo to be …

Book Feature - The Dark of the Moon by Samantha Allard

Thanks for having me on your blog today to talk about my first release under the name Samantha Allard. The Dark of the Moon started life as a short story series under the name Ella Grey. When I got the rights back the story was expanded and heavily revised. I believe it’s stronger for it. Rachel Valentine has always been one of my favourite characters, a snarky teenager who is willing to go above and beyond to save her brother and bring her family back together. Throw in wolves and a boy who annoys and intrigues her in equal measures and you get a story of accepting your past and growing as a person.

 I’ll be taking part in a bigger blog tour next month, so keep an eye out for that to be in for a chance to win eBooks. Join my page on Facebook to keep updated.

A missing brother, werewolves at war, and she's stuck in the middle. Rachel might not be your average girl, but even she has her limits. Three years ago her brother disappeared, and Rachel went off the rails quite specta…

Don't Cry Because It's Over

You guys know I love Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays, even though I wish it was earlier in the year, because I hate fall.

So I got you this photo of me looking like some damn creepy doll:
Dead eyes, painted-on smile, well, the whole expression is just horrifying. I do my best.

Because God forbid I look normal in a photograph.

This happened Saturday morning at the Ozarks Romance Authors convention. A great time was had by all. At least, I haven't heard anyone say they didn't have a great time. It was really, really good.

I decided pretty much last-minute that I was going to pitch a novella I haven't told this blog about. It's sooper sekrit, like, you know, everything else I've done this year. You know how I suck at pitching? This year, I told my stupid brain it was not going to screw this up and I read. from. the. cards. the way God intended someone to read from index cards.

The editor stopped me once, asked a question, and after my answer, said, &qu…

This Weekend!

Things have been so crazy in the last two months, it's been difficult to think about much writing. I'm working on a sooper sekrit project right now, but let me say, it's pretty exciting. To me, anyway. The other thing I haven't given as much thought to as I have in the past is ORACon.

It's this weekend!

I've rushed like a mad person to get my raffle basket put together. I'm still missing one thing, but never fear, I have a note in my phone and I won't fail to get it. I'll take a photo and post it to my author FB account later so you all can see the goodies inside. I'll explain about them too so you don't think I put this together in a random rush because...I'm me. It probably does look random at first glance.

I'm also running around like a chicken with its head cut off to get last minute (okay, every minute) things done for the Wystan (The Heckmasters) blog tour done. It starts September 29 and will run at least up until a day or two…

Book Feature - Carlos and Casey by Ember Leigh

Releasing from Breathless Press on September 12th, 2014. NOW’S THE TIME…Get to know Ember Leigh’s work! During September 10th – September 17th, get Ember Leigh’s erotic romance novel ‘Jaded’ for half off at Breathless Press. 
About the book
Casey hasn't seen Carlos in four years, but a business trip brings the ex-lovers together, making them question whether the spark is still really there.

Recently divorced, Casey has been longing for a man's touch. So when business brings her back to Carlos, the one that got away, it has to be fate. The four years apart have only done him better, and all she can think about is having his arms, and body, wrapped around hers. But Carlos is not the same man he was four years ago, and Casey too is feeling the weight of too much time gone by. Can Casey help reignite his fire or has time left them behind?

Her breath caught as she followed him up the staircase, tucked to the far side of the house. Carlos had always been fit enough, but it look…

Book Hooks - Wystan (The Heckmasters) #MFRW

This week, I'm giving you a little peek inside Wystan (The Heckmasters), which is coming out October 21st from Samhain Publishing. I can't wait for you all to get your hands on this thing! This is one of my favorite scenes between Wystan and Rhia, the hero and heroine.

“Don’t you know better than to be out on the street right before sundown?”
“In civilized towns, people greet each other with pleasantries,” she said. “For example, you could say, ‘Lovely evening, isn’t it, Miss Duke?’ and I’d respond with, ‘A bit warm for my taste, Sheriff, but otherwise, a fine evening.’”
He knew where Sylvie got her sass. “Then I’d say something along the lines of, ‘Get your ass home, Rhia.’”
Perfectly shaped eyebrows drew together, creating a set of lines on her forehead. “And perhaps I’d say, ‘Mind your own business, Wystan.’”

You can pre-order Wystan (The Heckmasters) now! And look for Wystan's younger brother Eban (The Heckmasters) coming in April 2015!

Pre-order at: Samhain || Amazon …

#BookHooks - A Look at Always, Cowboy #MFRW

Next Monday, the box set I'm in will hit virtual shelves! So today for Marketing For Romance Writers Book Hooks, I'm giving you a little peek inside!

My heroine had an embarrassing experience at a beauty pageant--she literally vomited on the MC's shoes. Here she is talking to her old flame about the incident:

Brody shifted in his seat. “I've already seen the video.” “Oh my God. You didn't need to tell me that.” Libby covered her face with her hands. “I could have lived a hundred years without knowing you saw it too.” “If it makes you feel any better, it has two million views. You're practically famous.” Libby lifted her head. “That does not make me feel better.”
Get it at Amazon on September 8!

On a different note, and a bright one, my former Breathless Press editor is doing $1 chapter critiques to raise money to send her daughter to a beauty pageant. I loved working with Amanda, she's a wonderful editor, and they're very close to getting the requested a…

Cover Reveal - Cowboy Up!

Seven men as tough as the west…
Seven women who know how to...
Cowboy Up

A boxed set of seven romantic novellas by seven award-winning authors experienced with writing about the men of the West.

Coming September 8, 2014!

Always, Cowboy by Allison Merritt
The past is better left behind, unless it offers a brighter future.
Brody Longtree's first love was bull riding, but he loved beauty queen Libby Dempsey equally as hard. When she turned down his marriage proposal, everything from his rodeo career to his love life went to hell. His love ran too deep for blame, so he made the best of what life threw at him. Things finally get back on track...and then she almost runs over his dog.
When her pageant dreams died in an embarrassing display of nerves, Libby made a new, cowboy-free life for herself. One where she could train other girls who want to be pageant princesses. One that doesn't give her any reason to dwell on what might have been with Brody until his dog bounds into her he…