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#BookHooks - A Look at Always, Cowboy #MFRW

Next Monday, the box set I'm in will hit virtual shelves! So today for Marketing For Romance Writers Book Hooks, I'm giving you a little peek inside!

My heroine had an embarrassing experience at a beauty pageant--she literally vomited on the MC's shoes. Here she is talking to her old flame about the incident:

Brody shifted in his seat. “I've already seen the video.”
“Oh my God. You didn't need to tell me that.” Libby covered her face with her hands. “I could have lived a hundred years without knowing you saw it too.”
“If it makes you feel any better, it has two million views. You're practically famous.”
Libby lifted her head. “That does not make me feel better.”

Get it at Amazon on September 8!

On a different note, and a bright one, my former Breathless Press editor is doing $1 chapter critiques to raise money to send her daughter to a beauty pageant. I loved working with Amanda, she's a wonderful editor, and they're very close to getting the requested amount of donations to send her daughter, so take a peek at her blog page and help make Brooklyn's dream of competing come true! You can find Amanda's blog here.


  1. Hi, Allison! I had to come by and read your book "Hook." Cowboys. Gotta love those cowboys. :-) I can picture what your heroine must have felt like in your excerpt. What a spot to be in.

  2. I think I would have turned six shades of red! Thanks for sharing!

  3. How embarrassing! Great excerpt and congrats on your upcoming release. Love the shabby chic webpage design.


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