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Bubble Brain

Something stupid happened to me last week. That something stupid is: Me. Seriously, I'm like a hazard to myself. I lost my SD card. The one with everything I've written this year on it. Including that sooper sekrit thing I'm working on, the historical I've been slaving over since the beginning of the year, and Tell.

You know that saying: If she had a brain, she'd be dangerous? They wrote that in anticipation of me.

I found a back up of the historical that's only missing one chapter. I've been emailing the sooper sekrit to my critique partner, so I only lost about 1500-1700 words on it, and...I only have a really old version of Tell. The one before I deleted more than half of it and started rewriting.

For safety's sake, I think I should be locked in a plastic bubble so I never lose anything. Everything would be in the bubble. Oh, there it is! I didn't lose anything, because it's here in the bubble with me.

I swear. So while I intended NaNo to be dedicated to Tell, now it's going to be really dedicated as I try to regain all that lost ground. Shit. Needless to say, I've been updating my clouds pretty heavily in the recent days.

So pretty. Not.
I'm in self-imposed wrist exile right now too, so if my spelling or grammatical issues are weirder than ever, it's because I can't bend my wrist down. Just the left one. The right one is complaining a little too, but I don't think it would be safe to drive if I was wearing both braces.

This does not bode well for NaNo, but then I figure, what else is new? It's not NaNo without blinding wrist and elbow pain. I will finish Tell, even if I have to type with my teeth. I could always use the voice to text application on my computer, but it would come out in gibberish. I mean, sure, it would be finished, but it wouldn't make any sense. It's bad when your phone understands speech to text, but your computer is a moron.

This is my life. It's a whole lot of ridiculous.

In other news, today is the kick off for the Wystan (The Heckmasters) blog tour. I have a guest post today at, please, drop by and visit. I have a giveaway--an ecopy of Wystan and a $10 Amazon gift card, so enter away! It's easy.

Also, I was talking about drinking on this blog: In A Dream Beyond: Author Happy Hour. Because I like whiskey when it's mixed with other liquor.

Peace, love, and may you not be as big a screw up as I am by losing things all the time.