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This Weekend!

Things have been so crazy in the last two months, it's been difficult to think about much writing. I'm working on a sooper sekrit project right now, but let me say, it's pretty exciting. To me, anyway. The other thing I haven't given as much thought to as I have in the past is ORACon.

It's this weekend!

I've rushed like a mad person to get my raffle basket put together. I'm still missing one thing, but never fear, I have a note in my phone and I won't fail to get it. I'll take a photo and post it to my author FB account later so you all can see the goodies inside. I'll explain about them too so you don't think I put this together in a random rush because...I'm me. It probably does look random at first glance.

I'm also running around like a chicken with its head cut off to get last minute (okay, every minute) things done for the Wystan (The Heckmasters) blog tour done. It starts September 29 and will run at least up until a day or two after Wystan releases. Don't forget, you can totally pre-order it right this very second! Just click the pre-order link and scroll down to find Wys at all your favorite ebook stores. He's waiting (very sexily) for you.

Now, I have a ton of work, 6 blog posts, one beta read, one round of edits, and a sooper sekrit project to work on. Not to mention clothes to wear for the weekend, making sure my make up is all in order, and gee, I hope I don't forget my toothbrush! Go, be, do!

P.S. I forgot the great news! Cowboy Up, the contemporary western anthology I'm in hit the All Romance Ebooks best seller list! That is so awesome. And yesterday I learned that Wildwood Spring is coming to print in the next couple of months. I'll keep you all updated on that!