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Getting to Know You - The Bad Guys

Good grief, it's already Friday. Actually, wahoo! It's already Friday!

You should know, I got the first round of edits on Eban (The Heckmasters) this week and, kids, it's going to be brilliant by the time it's done. I promise.

Today, I'm going to introduce you to the bad guys in Wystan (The Heckmasters).

Major players:
Noem - He's ugly, he's mean, he wants everyone and everything in Berner, New Mexico Territory dead. Charged with wiping the Heckmasters off the face of the earth, he once tried to make Swiss cheese out of Wystan before he was driven away. He's back and in a form you might not except. With reasons beyond revenge that totally make sense once you read the book. You can try to kill him, but this sucker just keeps going like a demonic Energizer Bunny.

Here's a little something-something about everyone's favorite territorial demon lord: “Tell wounded Noem, yes. But he has the favor of Astaroth and with it the power to change forms. He’s been residing in Nebraska where he wasn’t likely to incur another taste of Heckmaster steel. Not until he had enough power to face you again.”

Astaroth - The current crowned prince of Hell, Astaroth wants the Heckmasters dead, dead, dead, and deader. They're standing between him and the total domination of the world. He's got his panties in a bunch because their father used the last of his demon superpowers to lock Astaroth inside the Pit, a portal to Hell, which has a transparent, shiny-green bubble of divine fire across it. Only lesser demons can get through. Astaroth is continually testing the boundaries of the divine fire. His best hope for breaking free of it is to turn the Heckmasters toward their true callings as demons. Will he succeed? Let's hope not.

Wys on the crowned prince: "One of these days, Astaroth is going to send something worse. It’s going to take everything we’ve got to hold it back. One of those seals breaks, we’re doomed. Not just us, but the whole damned world."

Lesser demons:
Parasite imps - There's not much description of these ickies in the book, but you should know they're long, white, worm-like, and they will crawl into your head and take over your body so Astaroth will have some minions. If you get parasite imps, congratulations, you're either going to serve Hell or the Heckmasters are going to severe your head. Believe me, you want the latter to happen. Characters who've been turned by parasite imps: Sandra Heckmaster. Her death was not pretty.

Wys is less than thrilled about the idea of anyone having parasite imps, since his sister's death really tore him up. "‘Let’s take in strangers of questionable origin and put them up. Please, come right in. Start a school, make friends with our hellspawn neighbors, infect their young with whatever diseases you’re carrying’—which, for all we know, are parasite imps. We could be infected right now and neither of us would know it!”

Changesteeds - It's like a moose from Hell. With jagged, uneven teeth, sloping shoulders, bulging eyes, and pointed ears. They're adept at mimicking human voices. Don't trust little Susie calling you from the other room. You take that Holy Water with you when you follow her voice, okay? Their jaws are quite powerful and capable of wrenching your arms off your body before they devour you and pick their teeth with your bones. Or that's what they would do, if they had apposable thumbs.

To quote Wystan: "[Changesteeds] will lure you in with a familiar voice or a sound and you’ll be dead before you know it. They’re bigger and they shift forms. Might look like a horse, or deer, but they’re not so innocent."

Barghests - Slower than changesteeds, but they have big claws and teeth. Another name for them is devil dogs. They have matted striped fur and pointed ears. Remember how I said changesteeds would pick their teeth with your bones? With a barghest, there won't be any bones left over. They're sort of the jackals of the demon world.

To which Wystan would say, "Big claws, big teeth, and they always go for the throat."

There you have it, a brief introduction to some of the baddies in the Heckmaster world. Oh, yeah, there are more, lots more, but you can discover them inside the book.

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  1. I read for my own personal sanity (Meniere's Disease) & also to leave my disabled world! I just discovered GOOD western romances via Jacqui Nelson & Callie Hutton & I also love paranormal rollercoaster rides! Ms. Merritt you have combined Hell on Wheels, Supernatural, Wild Wild West & I hope some UNDIES SCORCHING scenes are also coming, I am nky on Chapter 11! I absolutely love this book!


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