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I owe you all some ghost hunting photos from Friday night. They're forth-coming, never fear. It was a fun experience and I'll tell you all about it soon. Definitely worth going to.

In other news, I kind of thought I'd be finished with my sooper sekrit project by now. I really meant to have that thing done by end of last week. My plans were foiled by this and that and now I'm still going, frack, it's not done yet? Which is bad, because I asked one of my critique groups if they'd like to critique it next month. Write, fingers, write harder! Also, what with NaNo coming up, gee, it sure would be nice to have that done so I could start afresh on Tell's book.

I may have sort of, kind of brought in a character in the sooper sekrit project who could potentially create a situation that would give life to a second sooper sekrit project. We'll see.

I also sent off Eban edits yesterday. Parts of it were oh, that's easy to fix and parts were like, geez, I'm so dumb, it should hurt to be that stupid. That's pretty much how editing goes for me anyway, so it's nothing new. They weren't particularly painful edits and I'm super grateful for that.

Since I didn't get you any orb-y/ghost-y photos, I did get you one of this monkey. It looks vulgar. You have to excuse my dirty mind. Or maybe you don't.

"Love us. In more ways than one."
Don't forget, tomorrow is release day for Wystan (The Heckmasters)! You can still pre-order it right now and it will be delivered to your e-reading device in the morning! I have a couple of posts scheduled for tomorrow. If you follow along on my FB page, you'll be given links to see them. You know you want to.

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