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Brain Melt, Edits, and the Little WriMo Who Wants to but Can't Find Her Motivation

Well, Halloween is over and now there's nothing to look forward to for the rest of the year. Unless you count Black Friday, which is a legit day off at my place of work. Thank God. Well, Veteran's Day too, which is also a legit reason for closing my place of work, but I'm not a veteran, so I kind of feel like an ass for taking it off. Don't get me wrong, though, I love a free day. It's pretty sad that I get a day off because men and women have fought for our freedom.

So...NaNo. Failing spectacularly. I wrote a little on the first day. I wrote nothing yesterday. I did get my line edits finished for one book, a second round of edits done for another book, and I have two galleys to read and return before the end of the month. Plus, I've been over my Viking romance so I can submit it to my online critique group. I need to write a synopsis for it as well. NaNo is a huge, hulking NoGo right now. I can't find my mojo to NaNo and later I'll kick myself for it, but it's better than writing so-so. Okay, I promise to stop with the two syllable words now.

Perhaps I'll overcome my frustrations and get some wordage down soon. As per usual, when it's really needed, the muse comes up missing. Jerk.

Ugh. It's November. Not that I can remember that, because I've got my days and months all mixed up. I think it's residual stress, because surely I can't be this dumb all the time. It's like, okay, brain, just get your crap together and let's get through the rest of the year. We can do it!


  1. Some days are diamonds. Some days are rocks. Forge ahead :)


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