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Master Procrastinator

So no one's hugely surprised that I failed NaNo, right?

I have reasons. Real, legit reasons.

I have a fear of endings. It's true. Tell is the last Heckmasters novel and I'm terrified of what will come after that. Which is currently...nothing. I talked to my editor about a sort of spin off, but I don't have any solid ideas yet. Endings are scary. Also, I have the horrible fear that I will fail the readers who love the Heckmasters. Wystan is good, Eban is going to be epic, and I don't want to flop with Tell. I have to shake this off. But never fear, because Jano is coming up. Maybe I can finish it for Jano. The good news is: I did write 15,000 words. So it's a great start. That's more than I'd have written if, say, I didn't write anything.

I made this in case, like me, you flopped spectacularly:

The original pic is by: tnimalan
I almost think I plotted too hard (in my head) over what was going to happen in Tell and that much plan scares me. Not that being a pantser is a super-brilliant idea.

Over the weekend I had a meltdown over part of the plot in Her Heart's Surrender. I wrote a fill-in chapter that didn't work. I revised to my original idea. It wasn't the greatest. Then D'Ann Lindun saved my sanity. She maybe not think she's the greatest crit partner, but she totally is.

You are, D'Ann. You are.

What have I been preaching all along? A good author support network will save your brain from chaos. So, anywho, to be perfectly honest, I revised, checked my work, and I might have sent that MS off to another editor. I felt a little sick about at first, because I feel a little sick about it every time I send one of the babies off, but later that afternoon, I started feeling better. It's good stuff. No worries.

Then I started thinking, free at last, free at last, I can do whatever I want! And then I remembered, no you can't, dummy. You failed at NaNo!

So...there's Tell looming, waiting for about 55,000 more words. And I've missed writing historical westerns pretty bad. And that next contemporary novella I'm thinking about. It's good to have a half-assed plan. I mean, the only thing worse than that would be having no ideas at all. Can you imagine? *shudder*

Stay busy, keep writing, let the ideas flow. It's Tuesday and if you're in America land, we're heading toward Turkey Day! Four day weekend! Whoo!