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Winter Woes, NaNo Blows (Up)

Good morning! Did y'all get that snow? We got some ice-like pellets in addition. Made for tons of fun clearing off the windshield. Not enough snow to justify staying home on this very cold morning. 
There were a lot of these. Ugh.
Photo by: wind27gis

Suddenly I feel like I'm writing an article for the local paper, you know, one of those weird gossip columns. Let's get away from the weather. Although I would like to declare that I find the weather ridiculous for the middle of November. What madness is this?

I didn't get a lot of writing done this weekend. My NaNo train has totally derailed after some serious issues in which the engine didn't want to start anyhow. I did a little work on Tell, but mostly I was reading the galley for the print version of Wystan, which is supposed to come out in October next year.

I also spent a great deal of time entertaining the PeeWee Monster, who was very rowdy this weekend. We spent the night with my mom Saturday and watched a lot of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding yesterday. I'm extremely weirded out by that show. When I got the PeeWee Monster home, he immediately went to bed and slept soundly all night. I hate to admit it, but I think he's turning into a little old man. He always sleeps in bed with us, but lately he's taken to jumping down and getting into the laundry. Makes me think the mattress hurts some part of him (I know the damn thing kills my hip). I'm going to end up buying him a dog bed way nicer than our mattress. My heart breaks into a million pieces every time I think about him getting old. He's the baby one and I want him to live forever.

Besides the minuscule amount of work I did on Tell, I also attempted to finish a chapter on my next Viking romance. It's not finished. I did good effort though. It's about 3000 words long now. Nice try.

The weather (yeah, back to that) is supposed to warm up a bit this week. If you can really call upper 40's warm. Ugh, you mean there are five more months of this nonsense? Some days I'm still tempted to run away to Mexico. I just want to be warm.


  1. I only like Goldilocks weather these days. Get to work on those Vikings!


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