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An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Saturday night was a big one. One of my favorite events of the year. The Luminary Ceremony at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield. It was a great night for it, not cold like it's been in the past and not snowing and being all nasty like it was last year--they canceled because of it and broke my young heart.

So I have photos of the inside of the Ray House for you!

Lanterns at the foot of the front bedroom.

The candlelit vanity. You have a better chance
of seeing Bloody Mary than yourself in that mirror.

Wanna write a letter or read the newspaper by candlelight?

Festive decorations on the chest of drawers.

At least we can see to cook. *clears throat* By electric lights.

The family dining table with pretty place settings.
I feel bad for the person who had to sit alone at this table.

Union soldiers sitting around the campfire.
Dark as it was inside the front rooms, it had a homey feel. With all those people living inside the house (remember, the Rays had 11 children between them), it might have been more than a little cozy. You can read more about the Ray Homestead here.

It makes me want to write a Christmas story really bad.

The luminaries aren't there just to celebrate Christmas though. There are 2,539 of them placed on the 5 mile road around the battlefield in remembrance of the men wounded and killed at Wilson's Creek (otherwise called the Battle of Oak Hill) on August 10, 1861. It's both eerie and beautiful to follow a road lit only by candles in white paper bags and your driving lights. We've come a long way from traveling on horseback or wagon with only a couple of lanterns to guide us. You can see my previous tour (from 2012) here.

Happy Wednesday. It's only 8 days until Christmas. You ready?


  1. Love the pictures! Have you written a story about the Ray house yet? Do it!


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