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Bask In the Glory of My Splendid Tree

Whew! Done with the final proof for Eban and I now have the final books in my hands. Well, on my flash drive. This is the first time since I started getting covers that I haven't immediately revealed a cover. It's coming to some blog near you on December 19th. Are you excited to see the cover for Eban (The Heckmasters)? Of course you are.

I'm currently hard at work (almost 4k) into my second contemporary western novella. I'm feeling pretty good about it. It should round out about 20k or so, maybe a little over. Writing novellas is challenging, because it's important to make the world feel realistic, but not overload the senses with detail because you're limited on the word count.

I also joined tsÅ« this week. You can come friend or follow me over there if you like. I'm liking it a little better than Google Plus, at least for right now. It's a nice change of pace from the FB scene, although the majority of my content is still going there for a while.

In the spirit of giving, I'm sharing my Christmas tree with you. It's a classy tree. You can tell because it's wearing a dapper hat. Bask in it. Bask. It took me about an hour to cut the non-functioning lights out of the branches. It was awful. The end result: pretty tree with a quirkily tilted hat.

It's Friday. Go, be, do.

And read! Yes, read! Do lots of that.


  1. Love it! All of it! :D Can't wait to see Eban's cover too :D


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