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Jingle, Jingle

But not quite the way you think.

Saturday was the Ozarks Romance Authors Annual Christmas Party. We had a pot luck, a Dirty Santa gift exchange and a super cool new way to celebrate our achievements from this year.

Introducing, my fabulous, extremely jingly new charm bracelet.

I'm not even 1000% sure what all these little jingly things are. Some are for finishing books, some are for publishing books, obvs the letters are for ORA, and the heart is for service because I was the newsletter editor last year. The colored beads are for contest placings. I should have bought another one, because I have four of those, but if I add any more, I might have to add another bracelet. That thing is super noisy and heavy as it is.

Right before January, I'll do a recap of all the things I have accomplished this year, so stayed tuned for that.

We also took a lovely picture (Thanks, Quillen, for taking the pic) with our other accomplished authors. 

We didn't plan that red corner, it just sort of worked out.
It was so much fun, getting together and celebrating the holidays. There was a lot of food, some really good stuff, and lots of laughter, which was really the best part.


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