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The Friday Five - Weird Facts

It's Friday! That means tomorrow is Saturday and if the #$%& weather holds, I'm heading south to the Kimberling Area Library for Author Book Signing Day. I'll be there with copies of (for the first time ever) the entire Legends & Lovers series and copies of The Convict and the Cattleman, plus candy. You want candy, right? Of course you do. The event starts at 9 am, goes to 2 pm and I'm sure it'll be just lovely.

Today I've brought you weird facts. Enjoy!

1) Abracadabra - it's a magic word first noted in the 1690s from the Latin Abraxas, which refers to great power. But did you know it was also used as a supposed cure for hay fever? *Sneeze* "Abracadabra!" ...Nope, nothing. Better stick with the Claritin.

2) Almost all the villains in the Bible have red hair. Is this why we say gingers have no souls? I don't know, but it's fun to say that. Sorry, gingers. We love you anyway. I went red one time myself...and I loved it. Mwahahahaha.

Book Feature & Giveaway - Ever Hopeful by Lori Ryan

Release: January 26th 
Events and contests January 26th through February 9th Ever Hopeful will be priced at 99 cents for the first two weeks! Price increases to 2.99 on February 10th Get it atAmazon (US) || Amazon (UK) || Print || B&N || Kobo || Goodreads
Combining heart-soaring contemporary romance with heart-pounding suspense is a trademark of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lori Ryan—and in her novel Ever Hopeful, she delivers spectacularly on both counts. Two-months pregnant and trapped in a violent marriage, Laura Kensington realizes that her ruthless and powerful in-laws will never let her go, even after the strange sudden death of her abusive husband.

Fleeing far away to the Texas ranch of Cade Bishop, a strong yet tender man who believes in second chances, Laura finds herself irresistibly drawn to Cade’s gentle passion and giving heart. But there is no escaping the shadows of her past and soon danger re-enters her world, pulling Laura into a deadly web of li…

Stuff That Baffles Me- Abbreviations

It's been a while, a long, long while since I hit y'all with anything that baffled me. Things are kind of crazy right now, so you'll just have to live with it and be happy that you get anything at all. I can only please one person a day and today it was me by buying myself a Dr. Pepper when I was forced to stop for gas in the arctic temperatures. Anyway...

Or I suppose I could have titled this entry, 'What Flavor Are Your Tears?' Carmex Cry Flavor. salty and bitter, you won't even need to stub your toe or relive your most embarrassing moment with the tear-flavored effect of this product.
I'm assuming it's really cherry flavor.

I've been working on another historical romance that I started in late October, I think. Right before I started NaNo with Eban's book, if I remember correctly. I didn't do much work on it, just rounding it to around 10k before Jano. I was torn between writing Tell's book and writing Winning Her Heart, bec…

The Friday Five - Old-Timey Things That Happened

Welcome to Friday. It's very nearly Saturday (okay, it's not close enough, is it?), and I have some old-timey things that happened. Because you're here to learn, that's why. Things that happened in January--go!

1) Ellis Island opened for immigration registration January 1, 1892. Over 12 million people were processed there until it closed in November 1954. Some famous people to go through were Charles Chaplin, Frank Capra, and the Von Trapp family. The island was alive with the sound of children singing...never mind.

2) January 6, 1919, Theodore Roosevelt died. Not while he was riding a moose across a river, I'm sad to say. Damn you, internet, for making me believe that photo was real *shakes fist angrily*. He died in his sleep from a blood clot, which seems really tame when you consider he once gave a speech an hour after he'd been shot. What the what, Teddy? A gunshot wound couldn't kill you, but a blood clot got the job done?

3) The first Super Bowl was h…

Cover Reveal - Shot Through the Heart by D'Ann Lindun

Blurb: Laramie Porter has tried to get her drug-addicted brother help, but he’s refused every time. When Laramie finds his wife—and her best friend—murdered, she vows to have him convicted. Before she can flee, her brother takes Laramie and his wife’s body into the mountains and throws them from a cliff. Somehow, Laramie lands on a ledge. After what her brother has done, Laramie doesn’t want to ever believe in another man, but Derrick earns her trust when he protects her from the man who would see her dead.
To cover up the evidence of his crime, Lawrence starts a wildfire Derrick Garrison is through with women after he learns his ex-wife was a bigamist who only wanted his money. Believing a lightning strike has started a wildfire, he’s pushing his cattle out of harm’s way when he discovers a woman huddled on a cliff side. Derrick can’t believe the same sheriff who helped bring his ex to justice murdered his wife. But when the cocaine addicted lawman tracks Laramie through a raging fire, …

Book Feature & Giveaway - Arranged Love by Lacey Wolfe

Release date: January 20, 2014
Buy Links: Amazon | Nook | Beachwalk Press

They think they’re fooling their parents, but really, the joke’s on them.

Kayla Ames’s parents could win an award in meddling. Every time she turns around, they’re  setting her up with someone new. Try as she might, she can’t convince them to butt out of her love life.

Ryan Newell isn’t looking for love. After having his heart torn to shreds by his ex, he’s determined to never again fall in love and leave himself that vulnerable to being hurt. His parents, however, believe he just needs some help finding the right woman, and their friends’ daughter, Kayla, might be a perfect match.

Realizing they both have the same problem—parents who won’t stop nagging them about finding a partner—Ryan and Kayla agree to an arrangement of sorts. All they have to do is pretend to date, and they don’t even have to see each other, they can discuss the details of their “dates” via email. But then the email conversations lead t…

Pet Me

Yesterday was a holiday, hooray for that, because it meant sleeping in. Boo for the fact that with three days off in a row, coupled with all that bad weather we had, plus other holidays, I find it hard to drag myself out of bed in the mornings. Coupled with this morning I just don't feel good about myself.

I call this my 'pet me' phase. You know, when you need confirmation that you're not a huge waste of space.
A number of things have set this off. The first is I'm a little bit tired of the WIP I'm working on. It's similar, but not too much alike The Wrong Brother's Bride. There are plenty of differences, but sometimes it feels like I'm just rewriting what I've already done. So this thing is rapidly evolving into something else, which takes time away from actually getting it finished. Which is kind of a dumb way to think, because I've only been writing on it for a month. It's coming along better than I hoped, but not as fast as I'd …

The Friday Five - Animal Facts

Okay, so it's been a while since we've had a good TFF. I'm here to correct that problem. Today, it's about animals. Big ones, small ones, fluffy ones, mean ones. You get it.

1) The flamingo can only eat with its head upside down. When I eat like that, I choke. Flamingos do it to filter mud and debris through their beak so they only get the good stuff. You know...whatever they eat. Fish or something. (It's algae and small crustaceans.) 
2) Lobsters never die. That is, as long as they're in a safe lobster habitat, not in the local supermarket tank or your favorite seafood restaurant. Their metabolism doesn't change, so they still eat, reproduce and do whatever lobsters do (terrify people, I suppose, have you ever really looked a lobster? *shudder*). They can sometimes grow up to the size of a wolf. Hello, nightmares. 
3) Goldfish lose their color if they don't get enough sunlight. I'm assuming this doesn't apply to the pasty white know,…

Book Feature - Tall, Dark and Undead by Sandra Cox

About the book:
Gutsy, kickass Suzanne James has no intention of complicating her life by falling in love…especially with a vampire. But it’s hard to stay objective when a drop-dead gorgeous male rescues her from three assailants in a dark alley. All but unconscious, she could swear her hero has glowing red eyes and two sharp, pointed teeth. Adrian Caine has spent the past hundred years, in vampire parlance, a vegetarian. When he rescues a beautiful blonde in a dark alley, it takes all of his formidable control not to backslide. Attraction turns to desire. Even though it’s not in Suzanne’s best interest, he can’t stay away.

Get it at Amazon || Barnes & Noble || Goodreads

The fog rose off the dirty pavement and trailed through the night in thick sensuous wisps.

Light from streetlamps turned the furled gray haze a grimy yellow. A dog howled, the lonely sound absorbed by the heavy mist. The man roamed the near-empty streets. From habit, he pulled up his collar. He never felt t…

Book Feature - Sliding into Black by T. L. Kitae

Release date: October 30, 2013 Find it at: Amazon || Goodreads || CreateSpace
During the cultural revolution of the 1960′s and ’70′s, the war in Vietnam continued, daily casualties calmly reported on the evening news. Shaw, a brilliant ex-Navy Seal, has managed to come home alive after two tours in Vietnam and is now involved in black ops with Naval Intelligence, stationed in the exotic Hawaiian Islands.

The revolution had evolved into social and anti-war protests, rock ‘n roll, drugs, feminism, burn-your-bras, and casual sex, arriving in Hawaii as tradewinds of change.

An unorthodox romance springs up between Shaw and Marie, his boss’s daughter. From the moment they meet, sparks fly and the erotic heat between them runs as hot as the lava streaming from Hawaii’s volcano, Kilauea.

Thus, the first installment of the Sliding into Black trilogy begins.

Out of the gloom, I saw a tall man coming toward me from behind the bar, at last – the bartender! I felt him stop in front of…

Places Nobody Told Me About

Except for a few years and a couple of months, I've spent almost my whole life in Stone County, Missouri. It's pretty here--big hills, lots of trees, snug valleys and ample waterways. Lately because of my interest in local history, I've been researching little towns that no longer exist and mills. After I finish Winning Her Heart, I doubt I wrote another story set at a mill, but it hasn't stopped me from searching for foundations here in Stone County (although the book is set in Greene).

Here's what I found this weekend:

Pictures can't capture how gorgeous this area is. We'll have to make another run up there in the spring when the flowers are blooming. We also hit Long Cemetery on the other side of Stone County, looking for Long's Mill, which isn't there anymore, of course, but we thought we saw a cornerstone for it. Naturally, everything is behind fencing, so it's impossible to get up close to them. From there we traveled up M highway and went…

Children of the Night - A Charity Anthology

Children of the Night is a fantastic book for Elementary School age children. With essential children’s lessons and good old fashioned Supernatural/Paranormal stories, this book gives you something for everyone. The children will enjoy the stories and the parents will enjoy the lessons in some of the stories. With stories about sharing, helping your parents, staying awake in class and never talking to strangers all will give you the opportunity to discuss these lessons with your children. Other stories like a Christmas mouse, Halloween night and a witch also provide enjoyment for the children. 100% of this books proceeds will go to The National Children’s Cancer Center. This book is all about the kids!

Here are the participating Authors:

Ronald Griffin’s Biography:

Ronald Griffin is a 31 year old Author who grew up in Georgia and still lives there today. His current writing style includes paranormal fantasy and horror. He has been writing since he was 9 years old when he wrote a Tiny…

It's Here, It's Here

Erm, sort of here. We're not on Amazon or Barnes and Noble because of the transition, but you can still get it on Kobo, iTunes, and in paperback.

There are umpteen thousand people I have to thank for making The Convict and the Cattleman possible. Some are people that have no idea where they are and have vanished into the wild blue Internet yonder. Thank you, people who helped.

Some are family, like my mom who nagged me to finish for three years. Thanks, Mom.

Some are critiquers, who tolerated my bad writing, helped me fix it, and helped me reach where I am today. This means you, you Rom-Critters. Particularly Brenda, Michelle, and Cindy.

And D'Ann, well, thank you, because you invited my editor to your group blog for the 3-line pitch. If you hadn't done that, I can almost guarantee Convict wouldn't be where it is today.

Thanks to Piper and Renee for taking a chance on me.

I've forgotten people, no doubt, but I love you all.

I'm not sure what else I can tell yo…

A Moment Like This

Some days you wake up and you expect an ordinary day. The sun is up, blinding you on your drive to work, your boss leaves his briefcase in front of the microwave again and you feel mean moving it, but you're going to die (worse case scenario), er, fall asleep at your desk if you don't have hot water for tea. You know eight long hours are separating you from another day when you can get home and relax. Today is probably not the day you're going to win the lottery, but you can dream. Average day, right?

Here's what happened next. I opened my email, because I was waiting on cover art for Wildwood Spring and I half-expected third round edits, because my Breathless editor is super fast--so super fast, that we have a projected release date of February 28, 2014. Wow! Five months before the dreaded 19+13 birthday, but we're thinking book release, not birthday!

Instead, I had cover art for The Wrong Brother's Bride. This is it:

Is that not utterly beautiful? You bet it …

Ringing in the New Year!

It's year of the horse, in case you were interested.
As always, you have my blessing. May your feet take you down the road you want to be on. Failing that, may they take you down the road leading to the road you want. Failing that, may they take you down the road leading to the road that leads to the road you want.

Happy New Year!