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Cover Reveal - Lost Wages of Sin by Rosalie Stanton

Book one in the Sinners and Saints series

Working for Lucifer is the best job in the universe, until the day it’s not. Then you’re on your own, with Hell at your heels.

Ava, Sin of Greed, has had a rough week. The angel she planned to make a life with left her with nothing but a Dear Jane letter. Even worse, Lucifer believes she spilled Hell’s secrets to her ex, and her boss’s temper is notoriously apocalyptic.

For centuries, Dante kept his feelings for Ava under lock-and-key. The one time he pursued something more, he nearly lost her for good. Lesson learned. However, when he hears of her planned elopement, all bets are off. Not having Ava was a reality he could accept. Losing her to an angel is something else entirely.

Now, Ava, once Hell’s golden child, is fleeing for her life. When her old friend Dante shows up, her first instinct is to send him packing. But Dante is more than a friend—he’s the only other man who tempted her, and his fierce loyalty challenges everything she thought…


That's not a real word, but I'm pretending to be Billy Shakes a boss. I made that meme just for y'all.

This morning I got the official blurb for Wystan (The Heckmasters, Book 1) in my inbox. I thought I would share it with you since I didn't line up a guest today. Here it is. And it's come out October 21, just in time for Halloween. Perfect!

Certain that an ad for a job in a small New Mexico Territory town is the answer to her prayers, Nebraska schoolteacher Rhia Duke packs her sister into a rickety wagon and heads west.
Except when they reach the near-deserted town, she learns the truth. There is no job, no future, and no welcome in the bleak blue eyes of the handsome sheriff. The minute Rhia’s runaway team thunders into town, Wystan Heckmaster feels the change in the air. One of three sons of a demon who dared love a human, he keeps watch over a Pit guarded by seven seals, and slays any Hellbound demon that attempts to free the master imprisoned within…

Guest Post & Giveaway - North Parish by Rohn Federbush

Rohn Federbush Sally Bianco Mystery Series Author
I lived on farms in Illinois until I was fourteen. Those wind-swept plains can’t compare to the storm-free, surrounding hills of my adopted state of Michigan. I’m dyslexic and uncomfortable in crowds. I’m happier in my old-age than I ever was in the riotous, experimental years of youth. Who hasn’t wanted to know everything about everything?

When I’m not writing, I paint cartoonish pictures in oil and even watercolors. I love the control over colors. I paint in primary colors, heavy on the brush. After fifteen years of steady fictional work output, my family has pretty much resigned themselves to the fact that I’ll be writing on my death bed. One sister-in-law thought I might have missed a career as a painter, but she received one of my better oils.

I like being married better than living alone. Of course, I am married to the best man in the universe. I’m also thankful for moderate good health in old age. My grandchildren are perfect a…

Book Feature - Sara-Kate's Spirit by Natalie-Nicole Bates

About the book:
Fallen spirit guide Sara-Kate has cocooned herself into an isolating, lonely life on earth. After a series of devastating incidents, she now prefers solitude to contact with others.

Her quiet existence is shattered when one night outside of her home, Sara-Kate awakens to the sound of a horrible accident, and finds a man near death. She offers comfort to the dying man before setting off back home.

Soon after, a knock at the door brings a surprise.The dead man has somehow managed to follow her home! Reed Thayer is dead, and doesn’t know it.

As Sara-Kate struggles with how to tell Reed about his new existence, her feelings for him continue to grow and a relationship blooms. She knows nothing will ever be the same for them when he finally learns the truth, and that their new found love may die when all is revealed.

Praise for Sara Kate’s Spirit-
“On the surface, "Sara-Kate’s Spirit" seems like a light little paranormal—it is not. Although it is novella-size, it is…

The Wrong Brother's Bride Release Day!

It must be release day because it's April 7. You guy remember my excitement when The Convict and the Cattleman came out. That novel that was crammed into the darkest recesses of my flash drive only to be pulled out, dust off, and bam! get a contract.

I hadn't written historical fiction in years, had no idea where to go when I decided I wanted to keep writing them. I began The Wrong Brother's Bride shortly after I got the first contract and the more I thought about it, the stronger the urge to set it in Wilson township, Missouri pulled at me.

I'm extremely satisfied with the decision and I'm even happier to tell you all that a follow-up novel is coming out next year from Lyrical Press in the same setting and with a scene that features Loyal and August. So I hope you enjoy this book, because I think you'll like the inclusion of the O'Dells in Reclaiming Her Heart.

As usual, there are some thank-yous to pass around.

To the fine folks at Lyrical Press, for tak…

Guest Post & Book Spotlight - Deadra F. Kreiger

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Deadra F. Kreiger today. Her bark's way worse than her bite, although I admit, I was really curious about what she'd come up with in this post, because I was warned that she can get pretty wild. I think you'll enjoy it!

Hello, and thanks for joining us. I also want to thank Allison for allowing me to play on her blog. Poor dear, she's never hosted me before and had no idea what she was agreeing too, so I'll try my best to behave. Allison asked me to talk about my writing style, and it caused me to think so hard, I sat in a corner with glassy eyes until one of my cats popped me in the face with a paw just to be sure their main source of food wasn't dead. The cat was kind enough not to use claws. Thank the gods for small favors. Anyhoo, back on topic.

My writing style can be described as a very intricate process called Anything Goes. Most writers find a genre and stick with it. Apparently, some little voice in my head snor…