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Happy (Belated) Book Birthday! + Giveaway

It's one year old! How time flies, to be cliche. You may know the story behind The Convict and the Cattleman, which is, this is the book that re-fired my passion for writing. It took nine months (geez, nine months) to complete the very awful first draft. It took several more to work on a second draft, and then with a little over 5k to go, I abandoned it into the dark recesses of my flash drive where I was quite certain no one would ever find it.

If it hadn't been for completing Jano 2013, I might not have ever opened this file again. I was bored, so I tentatively gave it a go. I was kind of disappointed in myself for not finishing it. It took 3 years after that second draft to get the job done. Seriously, it was somewhere around 5k to finish. That's a little sad.

Here it is in all it's shining glory, with that lovely cover by Fiona Jayde. And here is your chance to win a copy on Kindle! Spread the word, lovelies.

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If you don't want to win, say, for example, you already own it, you can still help spread the word with these helpful tweets:

The Convict & the Cattleman book birthday ! His love is the key to her release. ?

It's a book birthday giveaway! #historicalromance Down Under - The Convict & the Cattleman by @allison_merritt

A female convict, a handsome grazier, an unexpected chance for love. The Convict & the Cattleman #giveaway

Or, you can buy it at: