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Jano Update

I'm participating in Jano. No, for real. I'm not even joking this time like I was when Camp NaNo came to town or when full-blown NaNo hit the scene. I'm really doing it.

I'm also not really writing 1600+ words a day. There's no way I'm going to make Jano's 50k goal. I'm shooting for 20-25k. I'll be happy with that and happier still if it goes over a bit.

I do try to average over 1,000, but in the event that I'm totally freakin' exhausted beyond help (which is happening more and more often of late), anything is better than nothing. What am I writing? How about another western historical romance?

But shouldn't I be writing the contemporary western? Yes. Am I? Yes. I'm cruising right along on that too, thank you. As of today, I'm about 40% done with it. I tend to write a few more than a 1000 words at a time when I'm working on it. It's cute and fun to write, so I hope when it makes an appearance, other readers thinks so too. Writing contemporary romance is hard--yet I've just come up with an idea for another one. When it's all said and done, if I have time/motivation to write the third contemp novella, I may put them all together into one book for your reading pleasure.

I'm semi-sort of working on a sooper sekrit historical romance project like that as well. At least, I have one story done. We'll see what else I come up with, but I've got to get the contemp novella done before March 1 and I want to finish the historical romance I'm writing for Jano this month, so those have to be done first. Not to mention...Tell's still hanging out and waiting impatiently.

The historical romance is a personal goal for reasons I can't tell you about, but trust me, it's extremely necessary that I finish this novel. Extremely necessary.