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Live, Write, Edit, Repeat

You may have noticed yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so I didn't blog. I didn't blog Friday, but that's a different story. Three-day weekends are usually great for resting up or doing something super-exciting or maybe just regular exciting.

I went to a visitation and a funeral.

My dad's mom died last week. She was 94. I wish I could say it was 94 wonderful years, but hardly anyone gets an entire lifetime of wonderful. Her last few years weren't so great at all. She had Alzheimer's and spent some long hours in that ward. They said the last stroke she had was so bad, it should have killed her, but she lingered on for almost a week. I hope the first heart attack gets me, I don't care how young or old I am. As horrible and surprising as Dad's death was, we have the assurance that he didn't suffer. I want to go like that. On the other hand, I have no interest in going soon.

So it wasn't a weekend full of great times. As mentioned last week, I did go to Use Your Words. That was a good time, although on my way home from work, the truck tried to stop running. I was at my wit's end by then because, kids, I need a vacation in the worst way. The Use Your Words show was a lot of fun. I needed a good laugh.

Um, I also have a great story about garlic. We went to dinner with my writer friends who also went to Use Your Words before the show. We had just got there and I was starving. To my joy, there was bread on the table. In the basket with it was the weirdest looking butter I've ever encountered. When I tried to spread it, it just crumbled. Okay, weird, but I took a bite. And have regretted it ever since. That wasn't butter, friends. It was the hottest, most evilest thing on plant Earth. It was minced garlic and if you put a lot on a small piece of bread, it burns. And because I have better manners than a monkey, I chewed, swallowed and kept eating that bread because I thought surely the whole thing couldn't be that bad. Or I'm exhausted and so dumb, I was on auto-pilot. Seriously. I ate most of it. It was the most awful thing I've ever tasted. Like eating hot tires after a burn out. Yeah, I was still tasting that well into the next day. That night I also fell down and bruised the hell out of my shin. I think I was dizzy from my own breath. *sad face*

I spent a lot of time getting the contemporary novella we've talked about finished. I did about 7000 words on it over the weekend. I wasn't sure it would get finished by yesterday, but I was glad how easily it came along. It obviously needs editing in the worst way, but with a deadline of March 1 so we can get the next Cowboy Up box set up for your reading pleasure, I have a smidge of time to get that editing done. It always feels good to finish a first draft of a project though. And it feels even better to only have two writing projects on my plate instead of three.

I'm way, way behind on my historical romance because of that push to finish Good Ride, Cowboy. My Jano intentions have suffered horribly. Of course, writing the last 4000 words last night wore me out. I didn't have the oomph to get writing on the historical. I thought I'd save it for today. I may not make the 20k goal I had for this month on it, but I've got around 9000 done, which is closer to the end than I was, right? Right. I'll continue to ignore that pulsing burn of pain right below my left elbow. I'm sure it's just my tendons thanking me for using them frequently instead of nagging that they're over-used. Yeah, that's it.

As you might notice, a lot happened over the weekend. I'm whomped and I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Nothing unusual there.


  1. Yeah, I learned my lesson with Nonna's minced garlic. It only took three trips for me. Clearly you are smarter.

    1. I don't think that's a taste I'm ever going to forget. I'll be looking at the 'butter' a lot closer from now on.


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