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Rockin' Downtown by Using My Words

Well, it's mid-week. Reckon that means I ought to write a blog post since I didn't manage one on Monday.

Update you on Jano? Sure.

It's not going so well. I haven't written doodle on my historical romance in two--if I don't manage any today, we'll call it three--days. However, I have been zipping right along on that contemporary western novella. I'm up to 12k and the end is drawing closer. I can't wait to have it finished so I can read it all the way through.

I'm super-duper excited about Friday because along with Lisa Medley, Cara Bristol, and Ellen Harger, I'm going to be in downtown Springfield, MO at an improv show called Use Your Words. It's a special Fabio-lous edition featuring--you guessed it, authors whose books definitely have some romance in them.

You can check out the FB event page here.

I used to do improv in high school (and yes, won awards for it). It's hilarious, so this is absolutely worth the price. Another good reason to wish Friday here a little sooner--the other being that Monday is a holiday. Whew! I need one.

I also have a surprise I'll show you in a little while. I can't wait. Are you excited? Of course you are.

Keep chugging along, kids. It's Wednesday. We can make it.