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Romance Redo

Let's take a moment to take a long look back at Monday. So close, yet so far away. Everyone wave, because that sucker is gone. Good, we're that much closer to the weekend. However, the thing about Monday is, I did a lot of thinking about this historical romance's gonna need a re-write.

Ben Earwicker
I am bathing regularly, I swear.
No, this is not about procrastination. Don't even bring that up.

I was thinking about the plot and really, I gave myself a good opening at one point to take this in a different direction. It would undo all the worry I have about the lies the hero has told. He could just be a guy who left his hometown for the same reason without the horrible truth behind it. No, it's not going to lose a great deal of conflict that way. The conflict will be different. Fear not. I halfway know what I'm doing.

That's kind of the beauty of writing--although it's a pain in the ass--that you can rewrite it to suit your needs, unlike life, which cannot be rewritten at all. At any rate, I'm going to try to fix the ending to suit the new beginning. Another plus of erasing that first part--it was not a huge hit among editors and agents at the ORACon, so if I rewrite the beginning, I can do better.

That's basically my motto when it comes to writing, whether I lose it or have to rewrite, I can do better.

I will do better. That's the song of the pantser right there. Didn't quite get it right the first go-round.

Carry on and write some more damn historical romance novel!