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The Good News Cup Over Floweth

Good Wednesday morning, kids.

Why am I in a great mood? Well, it has a little something to do with some exciting news I'll probably share on Friday. I've got my happy dance pants on, for sure.

It's been an exciting couple of weeks as far as writing goes. For starters, I showed you the cover for Cowboy Up 2, and it still revs my engine. For seconders, the cover for Her Heart's Surrender hit my inbox and you'll get to see it soon, I think. The edits for it are coming right along.

Thirdly, I've been working my butt off on Tell's book and it's going so well. I'm very happy with the direction it's taken. Happy enough, I think I might actually get it finished this time, which I'm sure will make my Samhain editor very happy. There is nothing better than when writing goes the way you need it to.

With the big snow and the cold temps, it was impossible getting to work. A whole week off must have been the motivation I needed to jump start the creative process. It feels good. Now if I can keep it up!