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An Author at Rest Remains at Rest

To sleep perchance to dream...about anything, really. Mostly just sleep to sleep though. I'm exhausted. This week has been filled with a sick dog, arranging social media for Eban's release, and welcoming Winkie to our world. What's a Winkie, you ask?

That adorable one-eyed monster in the left corner is a Winkie. She's 4.9 lbs of furious tail-wagging sweetness. Or in simpler terms, PeeWee's new baby sister. PW's baby sister who for some reason decided last night she didn't want to sleep through the night, but instead wanted to wander across the bed like she was trekking the desert. For the first night since Sunday, PW did sleep through the night without having to go outside to let his butt explode. No one is certain what caused his nearly week-long bout of digestion issues, but the vet fixed us up with some medicine and hopefully I won't have to keep doing laundry every day. Sweet relief for me and him.

Because of all these things, I've gotten zero, that's right, goose egg, writing done. And it was going so well for a while... *sigh*. That's life.

I'm having the worst time getting anything done, however, I have friends who are putting pedal to the metal right now.

Wanda Kay Fittro just released her short story collection Briefs and Shorts yesterday. It's a bargain at 99 cents on Amazon.

Lisa Medley re-released the second book on her Reaper series: Reap & Redeem. It's one of my favorites!

I only have about 25k to finish up Tell. Must. Get. Moving.


  1. Interesting post, Allison. W and PW are adorable. As someone who recently lost my beloved rescue - Heidi - you're very lucky. I'll be a guest here later this month with my take on writers, writing and time.


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