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A Hell of a Release Day

Relax, we can all breathe again--Eban is here. The doctor is in the house. Form an orderly line to see this half demon hottie. No pushing.

When I first contracted Eban with Samhain Publishing, I was like, April?! It's coming out in April? That's right around the corner. That was in August. Everyone was like, that's nine months away, it's forever.

But for me, it wasn't. Actually, while I'm doing edits and a little re-writing to make the story better, times flies. I get a deadline and there's some panic, but I almost always make it on time. It's when the edits and the galley are finished that the waiting begins and I'm going, April? That's forever!

I can't believe we've reached the middle. I had my doubts, for sure, about whether Eban's book ought to be the middle one. He's the middle brother, so it makes sense if we're going by age, but with some of the events at the end of the book, I wondered if those should have happened yet. The answer is...yes, of course. Deep and dark and troubling as the plot of Eban is, it's really the big clash before we get to Tell. Yes, Tell, who's book I haven't yet finished. I'm getting there, I swear. Can we focus on Eban on his day?

I've got a bunch of spotlights and guest posts coming up to promote Eban, including a giveaway of both Wystan and Eban and one for a $5 Amazon gift card. So stay tuned for chances to win.

I hope you'll consider buying Eban, though. I have his links all ready for you. 
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But you can totally enter the giveaway for books here too in case you've been eyeballing both of them.

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On this special day, I have to give a shout out to my editor Holly and all the fine folks at Samhain for helping me introduce my Heckmasters to the world. Samhain is full of good people. I love them. And Holly is a great editor who really gets me. I couldn't ask for more.

For your reading pleasure, I give you a little bit of Eban today.

Eban had traced the sigil in cinnamon liberally sprinkled across his bedroom floor. The second he closed the circle around the image, the air rippled and parted like a curtain. Seere stepped through the rift, standing at his full height, his shoulder-length blond hair blowing in a breeze Eban couldn’t feel.
Although the Heckmasters didn’t have a liege, Eban bowed out of respect. Their father had broken with Astaroth well before his children were born, but prior to that, he’d had no minions of his own. His low status on the demon chain of command left his half-blood sons even lower.
“Prince Seere. Thank you for responding to my summons.”
Seere glanced around the room, curling his lip in obvious disgust with his surroundings. Impeccably dressed in the finest clothes a demon could buy—Seere’s riches were reputed to be so large no living man could count them—he was easily mistaken for a tycoon. Not a hair out of place or a wrinkle in the navy blue suit that complemented his golden features. The demon prince looked more like an angel and he’d used his looks for centuries to lure in unsuspecting souls.
Not the worst greeting he could’ve gotten. Gathering his courage, Eban decided to get to the point. “I need a favor.”
“Of course you do. Why else summon me?” Seere toyed with the chain of his golden pocket watch. “Don’t tarry.”
“I want you to banish Rosemar from Beryl Brookshier’s body.” Eban winced at his own choice of words. I want wasn’t exactly the way to gain Seere’s help.
Seere’s cool blue gaze didn’t waver. “You’re aware I have no boons to repay. In fact, it seems that you and your brothers are in debt to me. Deep debt.”
Eban gritted his teeth. There wasn’t any denying it. They owed him for the silver weapons they used to slay escapees from the Pit. They also owed him for warning Wystan that Noem was after Rhia, and he’d placed Rosemar beside her for protection and as a warrior to help defeat the chief demon. Neutral though he claimed to be in the war against Hell, Seere had done his share of work for the Heckmasters.
“I know.” He straightened his shoulders. “But Noem is gone, Rhia’s under Wystan’s protection and Berner’s a safe haven for demons looking to straighten out their lives. I don’t think Rosemar is necessary any longer.”
Seere smirked. “You presume much. You should have stopped at Noem is gone. For now, but not forever. He’ll suffer at Astaroth’s hand, and he will never come into favor again, but he may escape Hell one day.”
Eban’s heart sank. “What about Beryl?”
“Is one human worth the price of Hell on Earth?”
He bristled at the notion that human lives weren’t worth caring about. Seere more or less echoed Tell’s sentiments.
“Maybe she is.”
“Rosemar proved herself bold in the face of danger, did she not? Are you displeased with my minion’s performance in the first battle for Berner’s safety?” Seere brushed his fingers over his coat lapel. “She does not please you?”
“She did fine, but she’s killing that body. She can’t stay in it forever. It’ll begin to rot sooner or later. Perhaps before we’ve dealt with Astaroth.” He knew that fight was coming, but he hoped to be long gone before it arrived.
“Rosemar cannot use her true form to assist you. The human body must suffice.” Seere tilted his head, his gaze almost as penetrating as Tell’s. “Your little brother thinks it would be best to behead her now. He foolishly believes this will remove a problem from your lives.
Inform him that he’ll not enjoy the consequences if he destroys my minion.”
“I’ll let him know, but I doubt he’ll care.”
A wicked smile curved Seere’s mouth. “Perhaps I should have turned Rosemar’s sights on him instead.”
Eban frowned. “What?”
“It’s you she craves. That thread of humanity, the likes of which a lust demon cannot know. If you gave her half a chance, she’d make you her consort in the Gray Lands once the war here is done. I can’t imagine many demons turning her down. The body would be unaffected by rot if she were to return.”
Eban’s stomach churned. “That’s what she’s planning, isn’t it? She’ll do your bidding here, then as a reward, she’ll strip every bit of Beryl away and claim the body as her own.”

Oh. Shit. We can't let that happen. Guess you'd better read the book to find out what Eban does to prevent it. Teehee.